Are the Drugs we get from the VA Toxic?

To all my Fellow Veterans, their Families, and Friends;
Are the drugs we are getting from the VA Toxic?
All drugs from wherever you get them are toxic. They have to be to work the way they are designed.
Sadly that is the direction that Pharmaceutical Companies took one hundred years ago. They figured that a drug that is toxic to cancer cells could be beneficial but!!!!!
And here is the rub:
They also kill all the cells they interact with and our immune system along with it.
The problem with drugs is the delivery system and the combination of the pretty colored pills places like the VA are giving out by the wheelbarrow load!

If you went into most Vets medicine cabinets and wrote down the names of all the drugs they received from the VA even the VA doctors would be appalled. The combinations would kill a rhino!!!
I wrote in my book “The Warzone PTSD Survivors Guide” that as far as the VA was concerned PTSD stood for “Please Take Some Drugs”.
Preventative Medicine is history in the United States.
But it doesn’t have to be for you!!!
Don’t wait until something is wrong to run to the doctor for toxic drugs that fake out our brains and bodies.
Start before something goes haywire. Learn about Preventative Medicine and learn how to reverse illness if you are already sick.
There are now Superfoods that give our Immune Systems all the building blocks we need to heal everything. Reverse aging is now what the *Woke Doctors are using. It is called Renewal!!!
We lose 200 Million cells per minute. Learn how to get 200 Million Healthy Vibrant new cells to replace them. Is that exciting or what!!!
How did drugs become Mainstream and push thousands of year old healing practices into a dark corner?
How did big Pharmaceutical Companies poison us into Fake Health?
Become Proactive. Take your Health back
Read my five-part set of articles below. You don’t have to read them in order but it is better to start with #1 and follow the order.
History buffs will find them interesting and I hope you all get some good info too.

*Woke Doctors: Although an incorrect tense of awake, a reference to how Doctors should be aware of current affairs.

For more info:


Part 5. How Corporate Greed Stole Hemp from all of us.

Here is the Wrap Up of my five-piece set of articles

How did William Randolf Hearst rip us all off!!!
How did that set Health Care back another eighty years!!!

Part 5 Hemp and Preventative Medicine
The Miricle Plant that was Stolin From Us by Corporate Greed

Corporate Greed is an ugly subject so let me start with some info that will give you hope.
Let’s start with some Good News:
Can we get our health back? YES!!!
Can we renew our bodies?    Yes!!!

Excerpt from From Harvey Diamond’s “Eat For Life”
Literally, billions of cells in the body die off every day and are replaced at the impressive rate of around 200 million every minute!
Guess what the building blocks are for those new cells? I can tell you they are not being built from good intentions! They are being built from the food taken into the body.
End of Excerpt

Let me add to the above Live Food (uncooked), Super Foods like Food Based vitamins, Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar (my favorite ACV), and CBD Oil from hemp to that equation. There are many more. Some others I added in Part 4 of this series of articles.

Live Food:
How important is this?

Pottenger’s Cats
Excerpt from Harvey Diamonds Book: “Eat For Life”:
From 1932 to 1942, Dr. Francis Pottenger carried out a meticulous, thorough, ten-year experiment using 900 cats placed on controlled diets.
Only two items of food, meat, and milk, were used and were given either in their raw or cooked state. The results were so overwhelmingly conclusive and convincing that there can be no doubt whatsoever of living, uncooked food’s superiority over cooked food. The cats fed only the raw food produced healthy kittens year after year.
There was no ill health, no disease, and no premature death. Death came to those cats only as the natural consequence of old age.
However, the cats fed on the same food, cooked, developed every one of humanity’s modern ailments—heart disease, cancer, kidney and thyroid disease, pneumonia, paralysis, loss of teeth, arthritis, difficulty in labor, diminished sexual interest, diarrhea, irritability so intense that the cats were dangerous to handle, liver impairment, and osteoporosis.
The excrement from these cats was so toxic that weeds refused to grow in the soil fertilized with it, whereas weeds proliferated in the stools from the cats fed the living, uncooked food. Here is the clincher:
The first generation of kittens born to the group of cats who were fed only cooked food was sick and abnormal. The second generation was often born diseased or dead. By the third generation, the mothers were sterile. Dr. Pottenger conducted similar tests on white mice, and the results coincided exactly with those of the tests run on cats.
End of excerpt.

Harvey espouses Live Food. Live food such as uncooked fruits and vegetables has all the energy inside to heal and feed our brains and bodies all the way down to the cellular level.
Cooking food kills the lifeforce in them.
How long does that energy last?
They have found uncooked seeds in the Pyramids that are thousands of years old. Those seeds were planted as an experiment and guess what? They grew into trees and plants!
If they had been cooked in any way they would not have because they would have been dead!!!
Does Freezing Kill Food? No!
Freezing fruit and vegetables is fine and can even preserve it with all its energy intact including its enzymes.
If you follow this information you will replace the dead cells in your body, (200 million every minute), with Live Vibrant New Living Cells! Actual healthy cells.
This is called Renewal. That is a very important word. We can now renew our whole body and brain inside and out including the largest organ we have. Our Skin!
Make no mistake. This is real Renewal of the Cells and all the way up to the nails on our fingertips and the hair on our heads.
This is exciting information that has been shoved into a dark corner by Big Pharma over the last 100 years.
Big Pharma wants nothing to do with Preventative Medicine!!!
I have said this before in these five articles and I will say it again.

“There is no money or profit in a Healthy Population!!!”
Who Would Buy Their Toxic Drugs???

 How and why did our Government, with the help of Big Pharma, Play Havoc with Preventative Medicine?
How did Corporate Greed push our Government in this direction?
Let me use Hemp as an example. Why all the talk about Hemp now?
Because Hemp has made a giant resurgence. It is being talked about everywhere. You cannot remove something this important from us forever.
If Hemp and its CBD Oil were of no value they would have disappeared from our conversation forever after our government Blackballed it.

The importance of and the History of Hemp: (with excerpts from my research)
Hemp is one of the first cultivated crops known to man. Hemp was also a staple in early America.
In approximately 150 BC, they produced the world’s first paper, completely from hemp.  Sailing ships became dependent on Canvas (from the word cannabis), hemp rope and oakum due to it being three times stronger than Cotton and resistant to salt water.

Soldiers even hid behind Hemp Bales in this important battle:
The Battle of Lexington, Missouri, fought on September 18-20, 1861, was a victory for the Missouri State Guard (MSG) in the early stages of the Civil War. In the short term, the victory boosted the spirits of Missouri secessionists, but the State Guard failed to leverage any long-term gains from the “Battle of the Hemp Bales,” so called because the MSG used hemp bales to encircle the federal position at Lexington.

As was mentioned that even Henry Ford used hemp to make the bodies of his earliest cars.
That is until hemp was ripped from us and criminalized by the American government about eighty years ago.
Why? Keep reading…………..

One of the oldest plants to be cultivated by human civilizations, hemp is a sustainable extremely fast growing crop used for food, oil, and fiber and was instrumental in building our nation.
At one time hemp was even used as currency and farmers were legally ordered to grow it by the same government that later outlawed it.
Hemp with its CBD Oil, and Preventative Medicine:
Hemp was an important part of our diet and also an important part of Preventative Medicine that has all but disappeared in the US over the past eighty years.
Our brain and bodies and their cannabinoid receptors relied heavily on the CBD Oil that was in the hemp in our diets.
Most of the modern diseases are connected with an extreme reaction of our organisms. Let’s mention a few of them. Allergy, asthma, psoriasis, epilepsy, migraine, stress, all these are caused by an overreaction of our body.
And since CBD helps our organism calm down it works as prevention against many of civilizations diseases. In other words, CBD protects our organisms, nervous and Immune Systems from an overreaction.

Over the past eighty+ years, there has been a drastic rise in many common diseases.
Could the Massive Rise in diabetes, fibromyalgia, joint pain, inflammation, and even dementia and Alzheimer’s be related to our diet? Should I say the lack of quality nutrition in our diets?
Our move away from local farms, and into cities and the practice of over-farming depleting the earth of its nutrients, and government restrictions, have stripped our food of much of the nutrition our bodies became dependant upon for tens of thousands of years.
Spraying our crops with all types of poisons and insecticides sure didn’t help.
Of course, Roundup and GMO seeds have added to the growth of illness in America.
Don’t take my word for this. There are thousands of articles and books backing this up.
Our government taking things like hemp and its CBD Oil from our diets added to this growing situation.
Preservatives, chemical processing and then cooking the life out of our foods sealed the deal on the giant rise of illnesses in our country. Actually the whole world but I live here so I am using the U.S. in my articles.

Let’s take a quick step back to be sure we understand what has happened to our diet and our food.
What has been taken away from us due to Government meddling, over processing our foods and more? We have lost many of the building blocks of good health.
Taking hemp away from us was just another nail in our coffins. A very big nail to the tune of billions of dollars. Actually, that should be considered Grand Theft!!!
Big Pharma then was able to sell us boatloads of insulin and millions of pretty colored pills.
Could Big Pharma have realized that removing the CBD Oil from our bodies would cause all this?
That seems pretty farfetched but let’s just say that they are the luckiest industry on our planet. They jumped right in. They were very fast to develop Designer Drugs for all the symptoms like dripping noses, coughs and rashes that escalated from our lack of quality foods and nutrition.
You can bet that they now know full well that this is what is happening.
If you were the owner of a vault full of Pharmaceutical Stock Certificates and didn’t care about your fellow man’s runny nose would you want to let people know about things like CBD Oil???

So how did Big Pharma get so lucky and why was Hemp taken away from us after it was so important for so many thousands of years?
The reason is simple and very ugly. Hemp was ripped from us for Pure Corporate Greed!
As you will read that in the first place, it wasn’t even the Pharmaceutical Companies idea.

So Where, When, and Why?
It turns out two Corporate Titans were the main culprits:
William Randolph Hearst and the Dupont Family had enough power over our government to do anything they wanted.
This below is widely written about. You can find it all over the internet.

Excerpt from my research:
“Hearst, with enormous holdings in timber acreage and investments in paper manufacturing, “stood to lose billions of dollars and perhaps go bankrupt because of hemp.”
Meanwhile, DuPont in 1937 had just patented nylon and “a new sulfate/sulfite process for making paper from wood pulp” — so “if hemp had not been made illegal, 80 percent of DuPont’s business would never have materialized.”
End of excerpt.

Manufacturing Paper: Hemp vs Timber
I have read many articles on Hemp vs Timber for the paper. I came out of that research believing that hemp has a step up on timber.
I also came to believe that hemp was taken out of the equation due to the above conspiracy for the past eighty years so hemp has not had the same upgrades in harvesting that timber has had. I believe that now that the restriction has been lifted new harvesting techniques will push hemp far ahead of timber in paper production.
The Giants of Industry above had huge muscle power so it was easy to Arm Wrestle our government into removing hemp as competition.

What did we lose?
Health and Nutrition:

Wood: Unless you are a beaver or a termite I don’t see any benefit in chewing on a log.

Hemp has it all over timber:

Hemp seed is 35% essential fatty acid (Omega 3, 6, 9 and GLA)
Hemp seed is 33% protein
Contains all 9 essential amino acids
Contains 6.2 x more Omega-3 than raw tuna
Contains an abundant source of GLA
Rich in trace minerals
High in dietary fiber

Due to my work with veterans, I am extremely excited about #1 above.
As most of you know I have PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)!
Over the years I have developed myself into a good researcher to not only write my books to help as many vets as possible but to help myself and my wife with our own health issues both mental and physical.

This research brought me into contact with a number of incredibly awesome Doctors that would rather heal us than just grab a prescription pad and push drugs.
Sorry but I use the words Push Drugs on purpose!!!
One of the doctors, as I wrote in these articles earlier, healed my wife Ginger of her Colitis with an all natural superfood that renews our bodies from the cells up. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Morris, and I still have vet friends that no longer shoot insulin for diabetes by taking his product stemFit Active daily.

Earlier in these reports, I wrote about Colonel (Ret) Dr. Mike Lewis. He ran the clinics at the Pentagon before retiring and founding the Brain Health Education and Research Institute, Inc.
His Protocol using High Dose Fatty Acids (Omega 3) from fish oil helped thousands of vets like me with PTSD, TBI, and Suicidal Thoughts.
After I found CBD Oil I discovered that it is loaded with Omega 3, 6, 9 and GLA or(Gamma-linolenic acid). The GLA in certain plants was used for centuries by Native Americans for inflammation and swelling. They learned that by eating these plants certain pains went away.
As I have stated throughout these articles the best and finest medicines on this planet have been being used for thousands of years.
Because of the Omega 3, 6, 9, and CLA in CBD Oil, I reached out to Mike to ask his opinion on CBD and he responded right away.
He not only uses CBD Oil Personally every day but so does most of his patients.
I email him a few days ago and asked him if CBD Oil had superseded Fish Oil for him.
He sent this yesterday:
From Dr. Mike. “What patients often tell me is: the fish oil is good, but the CBD is life changing.”

Common sense told me: If one is good than both together is great.  We take both with CBD Oil being the most important to us now.
Hemp with its CBD Oil is now Roaring back into our conversations due to its many huge health benefits and so much more.
CBD Oil, which is extracted from the hemp plant,  has gone viral with very good reason.
As you can see by the Testimonials at the end of Part 4 in this series CBD Oil is helping people with so many types of illness both Mental and Physical.
What is exciting is what it is also doing for our kids and even our pets!
We started putting CBD Oil on one of our dogs two-morning Puperoni Treats.
We started noticing that he went to the one with the CBD Oil first. Animals have built-in health smarts that we humans have stopped acting upon.
Our dog has become much happier and friskier thanks to CBD Oil.

Preventative Medicine and the Wrapup to this series of Five Articles:
Once pharmaceuticals became the Main Stream of medicine in the US people stopped going to the doctors for things like regular checkups.
Plus Nutrition was way too slow a healing process.
They no longer worried until they felt a pain, cough or rash. The doctors now had a huge Prescription Pad and like magic, the pain was gone, the nose dried up and the rash disappeared.
Their drugs worked extremely fast and they had a drug for everything.
Everyone along with their kids could gobble Fast Food and no longer worried about things like exercise.
Obesity is running rampant.
Our nation is now sicker than ever and there is no drug that can reverse this.
Drugs do not heal what caused the pain. They hide it and shove it back into our subconscious where we don’t feel the pain The cause of the pain can then fester for years and come back later along with some of the other things that the drugs hid.
They can come back together and then the doctor looks at the combo of issues and calls it a syndrome:
a group of symptoms that consistently occur together or a condition characterized by a set of associated symptoms.

The Good News:
Healing Substances that have been around for tens of thousands of years are now being reimagined through Cutting Edge harvesting, stabilization, and bottling to preserve their healing properties. They worked before but now they are proving to work just as fast, if not faster, than the drugs that don’t actually heal anything.
Stabilized Aloe Vera allows people like my mom to walk miles at 94 years old.
The stemFit Active that healed my wife’s colitis worked within days. It keeps Veteran friends of mine from shooting insulin for their diabetes.
CBD Oil works for a lot of pain issues in minutes.
Read the CBD Oil Testimonials in Part 4 of these articles to see what it is doing for so many of today’s health issues.
They actually reverse many of the causes of the problem not just mask it the way drugs do.
These are non-toxic and improve our health from the Mitochondrial insides of our cells and up from the soles of our feet to the top of our heads.
Drugs destroy our liver and kidneys. These all-natural substances give them life.
What does that mean for Preventative Medicine?
Don’t wait until something goes wrong. Take these types of healing substances every day so that nothing will go wrong in the first place!!!
I will constantly be researching and digging for any and all newly rediscovered Superfoods as they become available.

Stay plugged into my blogs and Facebook posts.
You can always call me or email me at:
Don Parent
661 886-5071

I am extremely happy with the CBD Oil my wife and I take every day. Here is a link on how to get some to try:

Note: All CBD Oil has a tiny trace of THC. It is important to consult your company on its drug testing policies.
Even Poppy Seeds in food can cause issues with some overly stringent tests that may occur at some testing facilities.

Part 4 How Did Big Pharma Learn from Big Tobacco’s Con-men!!!

Part: 4 How to Beat Big Pharma!
Let’s Get Our Physical and Mental Health Back!!!

Conversation with Big Pharma: “Don’t worry about Lung Cancer. We have a Drug to fix you right up. Well, actually we have barrels of them. We even have drugs to help you with what drugs are doing to you right now.”
Question from Big Pharma: “Do you have a business address in a small town in Kentucky?”
Your Answer: “Yes.”
“OK, We have millions of Opioids we want to send you.”
You say; “But we only have 450 people in your town???”
“Well, Hell Boy!” Big Pharma snarls back. “They got friends and relatives don’t they???

People if you think I am just kidding then follow this link below!!! This is a shocker to say the least.
60 Minutes Report – Oct 2017:
Ex-DEA agent: “Opioid crisis fueled by the drug industry and Congress.”

 OK, we are into Part 4.
This is for any of you that still believe that Big Pharma is our friend.
For any of you that still believe that Doctors don’t make mistakes in judgment I have one more shocker for you. Well, actually a couple of shocks.
We have talked about how Big Pharma has used Advertising Juggernauts, Lawyers, and Lobbyists, and their Coup D’etat which turned thousands of year old medical practices and Preventative Medicine into a laughing stock.
Not sure I know what I am talking about? OK, Try This: Next time you are at a party or any place that has a group of people just say the words Holistic Healing. Count how many people roll their eyes and snicker.
Let’s now use Big Tobacco to press this whole subject home.
Big Tobacco cleared the way for most of the tactics used by Big Pharma to pull the wool over our eyes. They were the forerunners of turning poison into something warm and fuzzy.
Did they use payoffs and manipulation to trick us and even our doctors?
Below is an excerpt from one of Harvey Diamonds books “Eat For Life”.
His books were some of the Best Selling Health Books of all time and they are still in high demand today.
I have known Harvey for over forty years and I have a huge amount of respect for him.
Harvey is also a Vietnam Vet. He was there at the same time as me.
Harvey was doused with Agent Orange. He has Peripheral Neuropathy from AO. Thanks to his books and research, he has kept that horrible disease at bay when many doctors said he should be dead by now.

Excerpt from  Harvey’s book “Eat For Life”:
I could easily write a big, fat chapter delineating the abundance of some of the more outrageous claims “proven” by scientific authorities that were later revealed to be, let us say, hogwash.
In fact, one need look no further than the Head of Cancer Research at the American Medical Association (AMA) testifying before Congress in 1957, using all of the latest scientific data, to reveal that “cigarette smoking is a harmless habit up to twenty-four cigarettes a day,” and that “a pack a day keeps lung cancer away.” No, I’m not kidding—Google it!
Just as an interesting aside, the two men, both avid smokers, responsible for this remarkably off-the-mark bit of “science” were Dr. Ian McDonald and Dr. Henry Garland, two well-respected, upstanding medical doctors.
Dr. McDonald incinerated himself in a fire started by the cigarette he was holding when he fell asleep.
Dr. Garland died of—you guessed it—lung cancer. 
Hey, you can’t make this stuff up!!!
Diamond, Harvey. Eat for Life: The Ultimate Weight-Loss Breakthrough (Kindle Locations 399-400). Turner Publishing Company. Kindle Edition.
End of Excerpt.

Harvey’s info above is mind-boggling. I underlined some and even had to hit it with red it blew me away so badly.

What techniques is Big Pharma employing that they learned from Big Tobacco?
Big Tobacco learned that after a very short period of time no one pays any attention to the warnings on the side of their cigarette packs.
Obviously, no one is listening to any of the warnings at the end of the drug commercials. By using some soothing music and a nice voice they could tell us that their drugs would cause our face to fall off and we would smile and swallow some more of their words and their drugs!!!
Those warnings from both industries should scare the crap out of all of us but no one is listening.

You say; “OK, Don. Enough is enough!!!”
Do you believe that it is possible that we have been being manipulated?
Do you know people that have been on Big Pharma’s drugs for years and are:

  • Still sick?
  • And Sicker today?
  • Are they taking Drugs because of what other legal drugs did to them?
  • Are they Dead?????????????

One more way to look at all of this:
God and Nature have given us everything that we need to live a healthy long and happy life. The natural herbs, plants, and superfoods in nature did this over millions of years.
Feature this: A tiny seed has all the information and energy in it to grow a Giant Redwood or a beautiful Orchid.
I have mentioned this before on this blog.  Seeds found in the pyramids that were thousands of years old were planted and they still sprouted to life!!!
However, take those seeds to a lab and fiddle with them with a little heat and instantly they become? You guessed it….DEAD.
Same goes for the food we buy at our Superstores. If it is eaten in its raw state it is full of enzymes and life. Process it with heat to shove into a can and we are eating dead calories.
Any heat kills all digestive enzymes.
OK, I eat canned food just like many of you but I do know that when I eat cooked and processed food Ginger and I always take an enzyme capsule so that our stomachs can begin the digestive process instead of the dead food sitting in their for many extra hours.
This is a huge subject so I’ll save processed dead food for another article.

How did Big Pharma Hoodwink us all?
In a very short one hundred years Big Pharma, with its Lawyers and Lobbyists, convinced us that they know more than the rest of humanity stretching back millennia.
All the thousands of years of learning through Trial and Error went right out the window.

This is the Coup De Tete of all time.

Big Pharma has convinced us that they are smarter than God and Nature!!!
Big Tobacco got away with it for a long time but we finally realized what liars they really were.
I believe that Big Pharma’s days are also numbered. Many doctors, researchers and “Woke” people are taking a second and third look at what has been going on.
By not listening to certain Closed Minded Doctors and Specialists my wife Ginger is free from Colitis.
Are you ready to take back control of the Mental and Physical Health of your family and Friends? Then pay close attention to the rest of this series of reports!
If you guys are willing to open your minds to what I have been saying then perhaps you will try some of the information that is below.

Nutraceuticals and All Natural Plants and Herbs:
My research going all the way back forty plus years to my families days with people like Harvey Diamond and people like Paul Brag and even Jack LaLaine taught me a very important word: Nutraceuticals. It is actually much more than a word. It is a statement!!!
Here is a paragraph from my research that I find very important. You may want to read it several times, especially the “Extra Health Benefits!

Nutraceuticals is a broad umbrella term that is used to describe any product derived from food sources with extra health benefits in addition to the basic nutritional value found in foods. They can be considered non-specific biological therapies used to promote general well-being, control symptoms and prevent malignant processes. Nutriceuticals are very important in Preventative Medicine.

Many of you are asking which All Natural products have helped me and my friends and family?
In the past, I was affiliated with a couple of these companies below but I no longer am in a business relationship. I still very much believe in their great products and we use a number of them to this day.
If you want to learn more about any of them just contact me or do some Google Research.

Mannatech: an MLM. I am not affiliated but I love what their products have done for my mom and others that I know of.
This is one of the first Nutricuetacal Companies I got involved with. It is from the Doctors and Researchers that had worked for our government during WWII.
As I mentioned my 93-Year-Old Mom still uses several of their products every day and has since their founding in 1993.
Did Mannatech do it all for her? Of course not. She is a member of the “Use it or Lose It” Club. She walks miles every week and eats a very healthy diet of food that is alive with health that she learned from people like Harvey Diamond.
I believe that these products have given her the energy and strength to continue to do this!
Mannatech was the first that I knew of that stabilized Aloe Vera. They formulated some fantastic healing gels and nutriceuticals.

Forever Green: An MLM. I am not affiliated but still use their Power Strips for pain relief.
I got to know about the owner Ron Williams and his company many years ago. A few years ago I spent some time with him at his headquarters in Utah.
His use of Marine Phytoplankton was a real eye-opener for me. Talk about a Superfood!  It is packed with vitamins and minerals.
Email me and I will send you a list of the awesome vitamins, minerals, and superfoods in Marine Phytoplankton. Don’t run out and find some algae stuff off any shelf. You must always check the way your health products are harvested and stored. Anything that has been processed in any way with heat is dead!!! Also, check to see if it was chemically processed in any way.
As I said above Forever Green and their subsidiary FG Express with their Power Strips are the best pain relief patch I have found. No chemicals or nasty additives that give us rashes. A very popular pain patch is SalonPass.
Here is a link to their Side Effects:

When Ginger and I now have pain we use CBD Oil. We actually use it for much more than pain issues. Most pain comes from inflammation and CBD Oil is the most powerful anti-inflammatory I have ever heard of.
I am also talking about the inflammation found in the brain which causes things like Alzheimers and Dementia.
As I am writing this it is January and now that it is cold my joints start playing Hide and Seek as they move around my body saying “Hey he is acting too chipper. Let’s shoot some pain in his left ankle this morning. We’ll goose him in his right shoulder later this evening!!!”
When the pain amps up I will stick one of FG Expresses Power Strips on the bad areas to go along with the CBD Oil. Remember I can double up as this stuff is toxin free all natural healing goodness. The CBD Oil is doing a whole lot more healing than just dealing with inflammation and pain and the Powerstrip has awesome stuff in it like marine phytoplankton.

stemFit Active: An MLM Company: I am not affiliated.
stemFit was formulated by Dr. Chris Morris a friend of mine. It is formulated using Young Tissue Extract and helps our body communicate with the trillions of cells causing incredible renewal from the cells up.
This is the great product that healed Ginger from colitis!!!

Why are these amazing products not used in what is now called Conventional Medicine?
How does Big Pharma and their Health Insurance Cohorts keep us under their thumbs?
They have done it by manipulating our government and us taxpayers. Why?
Nutriceuticals and All Natural Healing Takes More Time
Drugs are Fast!!! Kind of like a baseball bat to the forehead.
Remember they don’t have to heal anything. They just hide the pain and shove it down into places where it will pop up again later.

Physical Healing:
Let’s use pain as an example. Drugs hide the pain. A doctor can hand out prescriptions for a pain that you have and then say; “See how this works for you!” He is then on to the next patient. That is a fast business model.
If the pain is gone the patient feels like the doctor did a great job. Of course, nothing was fixed. Does the patient heal? Maybe. The underlying cause of the pain may have been worked out naturally by the patient’s own immune system while they were lying semi-comatose under the effects of the drug.
The underlying cause of the illness and stress in the first place is probably not altogether healed by the immune system. If not it may have just been pushed back in by the drug to pop back out later in a much worse combination of illness. Whatever the problem was it could Percolate in their bodies for years. That happened to Harvey Diamond. The Agent Orange percolated in his body for twenty years before it popped back up as Perefrial Neuropathy. This happened to many thousands of Vietnam Vets including my brother in law.
When these problems band together and pop out later in a combination some quick doctor comes up with a new syndrome name that he can’t even pronounce correctly.

Quick Medicine is needed in an ER but not in normal office visits like the patients are pushed through a revolving door.
The doctor can see many more patients under this scenario. The Insurance Companies are then very happy. It is massively cheaper for them and if the patient gets sicker later it is OK with them. That is what keeps the waiting rooms full after all!
The drug companies work the same scenario that the banks use. If you owe them money you have to pay right now. If they owe you any money it always takes two weeks or x amount of business days.
The longer they hold the money the more interest is accrued in their favor.

Mental Health:
Talk Therapy and the other types of Cognitive Therapies take time. There is that word TIME again.
When most people go to a psychiatrist they are asked a couple of questions and then the doctor reaches for their prescription pad.
They give you another appointment in a month. The only question you are then asked is “How did that last drug work for you?” They then give you a longer prescription or a different drug.
So what if you are turning into a Zombie or if your liver and kidneys are going bad!!!
If you have serious mental issues find a good Psychologist. At least they cannot prescribe drugs. They rely on Talk Therapy.

How do I know all this? Thank God the VA still does Talk Therapy. I spent years in group meetings and saw first hand what worked and what did not.
As I said earlier in this series of articles, I wrote in my book that as far as the VA thinks especially in the early days, PTSD stands for Please Take Some Drugs! Many vets were turned into those Zombies.
Due to my own PTSD and TBI, my wife spent years dealing with her own PTSD by Contact. She went to a private practice Psychiatrist. I was in some of those meetings with her and listened to this First Hand.
I also sat many times in the psychiatrists waiting room watching patients come and go with multiple bags in their hands as they left.
I started asking them what all the bags were for. They would say; “Well this drug is for me. This one is for my wife and these three bags are for my kids.” I am not exaggerating one bit!!! And no they were not vitamins!
This is going on every day at many thousands of so-called Legal Psychiatrists Offices all over the world. This is Drug Pushing on a Grand Scale.
Big Pharma is doing backflips all the way to the bank and they will not go down quietly.

Here is another reason Big Pharma is getting their way with us:
Many of us in the U.S. get our drugs with little or no money coming directly from our pockets when we go to Rite-aid, etc. Granted many of us have to buy insurance to have this happen but when we get a prescription filled we don’t have to pull out our wallets, checkbooks or our credit card other than a small co-pay.
This has set up a scenario where the drug companies can charge ridiculously high prices. This is being allowed by our government. Big Pharma has major Lawyers and Lobbyists!!!
We say “Oh good. Our government is taking care of us.

The VA if we are 100% Disabled even gives us some of our vitamins and fish oil. It isn’t good fish oil but it is better than none. They are constantly trying to give me extra shots for this or that and any drugs I want. I refuse them as I don’t need or want them.
Why would the VA want to give me all this stuff? It is a giant spigot spewing huge amounts of money. You and I as Tax Payers are paying for it.
That situation keeps many thousands of veterans on Toxic drugs for years and years playing havoc on our livers and kidneys.
The Vets can’t afford to buy the nutriceuticals even if they knew they were available. Without articles like this, they will never know just how great they are. I am trying my best to get this info out to them.
I am telling you all this to explain why more of us don’t research all natural remedies?
Why are the hospitals and doctors not offering them?
Answer: Big Pharma doesn’t want anything to do with them!!!
I’ll say this again.

“There is no money in a Healthy Population!”

Can this be changed? Yes, but it is going to take more time. There is that word again!
Thank God for some of the more enlightened Doctors and Researchers I have been fortunate enough to get to know.
This next company I learned about from a very smart Army Doctor I have huge respect for.
As I have said thank God for the growing cadre of awesome doctors that are awake to this.

Dr. Michael Lewis:
Before he retired Colonel (Ret) Dr. Mike Lewis ran the clinics at the Pentagon.
He is now President and founder of the Brain Health Education and Research Institute.
I have Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and PTSD.
Dr. Lewis developed a Protocol using high doses of Omega 3 Fatty Acids from fish oil. This Protocol yielded amazing results. He personally recommended the company Nordic Naturals.
Nordic Naturals: This is not an MLM. I am not affiliated.
This is the Omega 3 Fish oil he takes and recommends.

He just emailed me this today:
What patients often tell me is: the fish oil is good, but the CBD is life changing.
Dr. Mike now gives talks all over the world about CBD Oil. CBD Oil is loaded with Omega 3 and 6 which is huge.
Keep reading to find out more about its incredible healing properties.
Note: More about Dr. Mike and CBD Oil in Part 5 of these reports>

Continuing our research:
Why is Ginger and I still researching and looking and not taking all of the ones I have found over the years?
First, we can’t afford to take them all or believe me we would. Also, the better ones, as they became available superseded some of the earlier ones we found.
How did they get so much better?
As I have already reported above the new harvesting, stabilizing and bottling techniques are being used by more and more labs being funded by the MLM types of companies. They are digging into the age-old herbs and plants and reimagining their properties.
Also, the search is never at a standstill. The MLM companies have a lot of money available and are continually sending out Indiana Jones types through the jungles and mountains searching for the Holy Grail of health.

So what is the Latest and the Greatest you ask me?
OK, Thank You for asking. I can’t wait to tell you.
It comes from one of the oldest of them all.

The Holy Grail of Today is Hemp!!!

“Oh Great,” You say! “Don is telling us to smoke marijuana!!!”
I am not telling anyone to smoke pot! I am talking about CBD Oil. It is derived from the hemp plant.
No munchies, No buzz, No THC so no failed drug tests at work.
There is so much to talk about in regard to Hemp that I have decided that I will add a Part 5 which is extremely interesting stuff.
Henry Ford was even making car bodies out of hemp and it was stronger than steel. He was making ethanol from hemp to run them off of.
The story of what happened to Hemp is one of tragic Corporate Greed. You will want to read it. It is another story of how small groups of Billionaires have destroyed health care in their pursuit of their All-Mighty Bottom Dollar.
William Randolph Hearst was one of the worst offenders of this greed. As I said Part 5 will be very interesting to you History Buffs.
Thanks to Hearst and his cronies Hemp was made illegal around eighty years ago:
Marihuana Tax Act (1937):
The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937effectively made possession or transfer of marihuana illegal throughout the United States under federal law, excluding medical and industrial uses, through the imposition of an excise tax on all sales of hemp.

CBD Oil: This is Liquid Health of  Highest order.
Hemp is surging back into our lives and actually our bodies by way of Hemp Protean and much more.
The whole story of CBD Oil and Hemp is a large story. I will have part five available to you in the next few days.
For now, let me show you some of the Testimonials Regarding CBD Oil from people on our website.
Yes, I am involved with this company and once you see what this stuff is doing for my friends and family you will understand why.
What illnesses both physical and mental is CBD Oil helping people with? Pretty much everything. It is easier to list what it doesn’t help as the list of the ones it does is very long.
Below is a partial list. For each, I will give you at least one testimonial from real people.
I can also invite you to the Private Testimonials, Facebook Page.
If you do not find the illness you are interested in email me for more info:
Email: DonP@PTSDHotline.Com
I write books and blogs for Veterans so I have started with several issues that are important to Vets, Active Military, Police, Firemen and First Responders.
The potential for the first one is very high in these areas.
Issues Specific to Veterans:

  • PTSD
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Suicidal Thoughts
  • Alcoholism
  • Substance Abuse

Note: These above apply to anyone but are prevalent among Active Military, Veterans, First Responders such as Police, Firefighters, Ambulance Crews, Emergency Room Doctors, and Nurses.
I have even met Crash Site photographers that suffer PTSD issues.
Testimonies are flooding in for the above issues and this partial list below:

  • Back Pain
  • Chronic Pain
  • Diabetes
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Epilepsy
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Migraines
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Psoriasis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Schizophrenia & Psychosis
  • Dementia
  • Alzheimers

And much more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OK Here are the Testimonials in the same order as above. I removed their names for privacy isues:

  • PTSD

Blog 1I Suffer from PTSD from a previous abusive relationship. Absolutely nothing has helped my depression and my anxiety. Yesterday, I finally came out of my shell I have been in for years. Couldn’t stop laughing and had the best time in 8 long years. This Hempworx really works!!! Thank you for giving me my happiness and my life back.

blog 2I figured it’s time that write my own testimonial here.
I have suffered anxiety and depression my entire life and it was about six years ago that I was diagnosed with clinical depression, borderline personality disorder, PTSD, and anxiety. I have been in intense therapy and started taking Prozac to ease the worst parts of all of it. However, my life is extremely stressful and I have a lot of pressure on a daily basis so it is really hard to remain stable for any given amount of time.
The last few years have been rough to say the least and I was also in a terrible car accident almost twenty years ago that did some pretty serious damage to my back. I won’t take havey pain pills for that and it got to where I started hating the ones that I bought at the store as well.
I bought some cookies with the oil in them as well as some THC and they worked, but I have never looked to get high in any way. I went and got my medical marijuana card and looked into buying that way, but everything is so expensive and I am on something of a budget.
I was introduced to Hempworx and took the plunge, buying the strongest oil that I could. I felt better within a couple of days with both my pain and anxiety. I feel like I can move without the daily pain and my mind is even. I can deal with things a lot better and get through the things that life throws at me. It certainly doesn’t fix life or my issues but it makes everything much smaller for me and I can’t recommend it enough to people.
They might be concerned with the price, but it is so much cheaper than other things out there. It has changed my life for the better. It is worth EVERY penny.

  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

My son has a TBI (a DAI at the Corpus Callosum). He has been using 750 for a month and we’ve noticed better balance, he can shake a bottle in his left hand, wink his right eye, he has longer endurance, and better focus. I’m sure there’s more but those are the things we’ve recognized this far.
He doesn’t have depression but I have customers who have said it’s helped with their depression. It’s also helps to alleviate tremors, migraines, and anxiety.


My son has a brain injury from ied concussions in Iraq. As well as ptsd. This is what allows him to function in life! I recommend it!

  • Suicidal Thoughts

b 3Hi Everyone !! I have been using CBD Oils for 2.5yrs. I’ve struggled with Anxiety & Depression for over 20yrs on and off. I’ve been put on all kinds of antidepressants/anxiety meds. Paxil, Venlafaxine, Ativan etc …
All of which somewhat made me feel better temporarily. If you’ve suffered you know how it goes .. We just wait and hope that one day we’ll feel the same as we once did. Well long story short that day never came .. It just got worst after I lost a great job for being late all the time because I’d have anxiety attacks on the way to work. Then it ruined my 16yr relationship, at this point I thought my life was over at 36 yrs of age I lost everything I worked so hard for.
My friend who owns a dispensary sent me a bday gift it was CBD Oil ~ He basically saved my life ❤
Slowly I started feeling better and better on a daily basis .. After 1 month I went to see my doctor and told him it was time to ween me off these nasty Zombie meds.
After 4 months I was med free and Alive Again !!
I also have a herniated disk with causes sciatica and shoulder bursitis from computer work my whole life and arthritis in my knee from a sports injury. Finally 2.5yrs of trying 6 different Brands I settled for Hempworx 500mg Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil. For those who can’t handle THC on a daily basis, this only has 0.03% therefore does not require a MML. Full spectrum means it has CBD CBG CBC CBN which means you get the full medicinal effect.
If only this would have been around 20yrs ago … My life would have been so different.


  • Alcoholism

4New Member · November 22 at 6:38am
Omg! I am a bawling hot mess this morning! Why… because I’m so excited… 🤣 happy tears! Happy tears!
It’s no secret …. friends and family all know….. I’ll take pain pills, magnesium, I’ve tried ever brand of melatonin, many! Most evenings I’ll mix a few strong cocktails as I start to feel the tingling in my legs and anxiety of another night of no sleep… just plain desperate…. then I feel like 💩 every morning from what ever drug or alcohol I took…
Drum roll please…. so I noticed about 9 pm last night that I was not flipping and flopping in my recliner with leg twitches and cramps as I watched TV…. I’m like “WHAT?” …. So 10 pm went to bed… no drugs, no alcohol… no pills… shut the TV off at 10:15… next thing..
I have not done that in forever! Never even woke up once cause of the nerve pain in my ankle!
That’s with in 2 days of these magic little drops!
I’ll keep you posted… can’t wait to go to bed tonight and see if it happens again!
All because of 5 tiny drops in the morning and 5 tiny drops in the evening… hold under my tongue for 90 seconds and swallow. That easy! Many post I’ve been reading people always say …. I 😴 sleep like a baby now…. 🎉 I’m so freaking happy 😃

  • Substance Abuse

5I have been taking CBD for 3 months. 20 drops, twice per day. I am a US Army veteran with PTSD. Headaches, hadn’t slept well in over 10 years, night terrors, difficulties controlling emotions. I can tell you that I am a changed person. I am much calmer, more relaxed, and more in control. I’m now sleeping incredibly well also. It is a life changer.

Note: These above apply to anyone but are prevalent among Active Military, Veterans, First Responders such as Police, Firefighters, Ambulance Crews, Emergency Room Doctors, and Nurses.
I have even met Crash Site photographers that suffer PTSD issues.
Testimonies are flooding in for the above issues and this partial list below:

  • Back Pain

6August 16 · Mission Bay, FL
I suffer from 9 herniated discs. I have multiple herniated discs in my Thoracic, Cervical and Lumbar spine. I have chronic back pain on a daily basis. I have been using Hempworx CBD oil and my pain is basically gone. I have no chronic issues and this product is just unbelievable. No more clinging to painkillers that barely work. I highly recommend CBD oil!

  • Chronic Pain

717 Hrs Ago
For those of you that don’t know, I have been suffering from a chronic pain condition for the bulk of my life. The past 15 years have only gotten worse. I had been intrigued by CBD Oil, in general, and gave a few brands a try with very little to no relief. Vape pens were annoying, the oils were thick and goopy, they were filled with synthetics, and the scents were overwhelming (which is a huge migraine trigger for me). Then I found HempWorks. It came in much stronger doses (higher, more therapeutic milligrams) for a LOT less money than the competition. It’s also organic/non-GMO, which is right up my alley. I started using it to prevent and/or calm migraine attacks, as well as other migraine related issues. It definitely helped me through some episodes. I use the 750 mgs.
Last month, I had something called nerve decompression surgery. A surgeon went in and released any/all entrapped nerves. The surgery left me with deep incision scars, neuralgia and neuropathy. I have continued using my HempWorks CBD Oil to help with the nerve pain, insomnia, and anxiety that came with the surgery, as well as directly on my scars.
Today, I’m amazed at what I look like considering what I just had done, and I’m amazed at how well I’m progressing. Nerve pain is lessening week by week and scars are fading.
Because of all of this, I have decided to become a HempWorks CBD Affiliate and start selling the product.
I’m certainly coming along! I pray for continued healing, and will definitely have my HempWorks CBD Oil by my side!
HempWorks is NOT like the others!

  • Diabetes

8July 19 Testimony Update:
My husband has lowered his A1C that monitors his diabetes, he has improved kidney function went from 1.3 liters of urine output to 3.5 liters, dropped triglycerides from 268 to 206, dropped cholesterol to 204, dropped BP to normal, and has improved vision from being blind with diabetic retinopathy and Glaucoma! 🚨🚨Also he did a blood and urine test, while consuming 40mg of cbd a day, and tested negative for all drugs for his transplant🌱✌🏻

9November 9 at 11:38am
I want to share my life change with CBD Oils it’s amazing I started taking it a month ago I suffer from anxiety and type 1 Diabetes and possible Diabetic Neuropathy just went to the doctors today and found out that my Anxiety went from a 18 to a 7 big difference and my A1C went from a 7.9 to a 5.7 I was shocked of what a big difference it was I don’t know anything about the burning and tingling just yet I know the pain has subsided from taking it I see a specialist this month for it I was just so excited about the big change i had I recommend it to everyone to use healthy or not.

  • Depression & Anxiety

Yes! I have severe chronic anxiety with panic disorders. I was on strong medications with no relief. I now only use CBD to control my anxiety and panic disorder! I saw relief within a few hours!


10October 25 This is my own story!
I have suffered from major depression, basically since I was a little kid, hiding it from most people. I tried many pharmaceutical medications, but they left me feeling worse and with side effects. I feel the need to be totally honest here because if this helps just one person, then it was worth it to bare my deep dark secret. My depression was so deep that several times over the years, I tried to take my own life, even ending up in a psychiatric ward on lock down. I’ve never told anyone this before but if I truly want to help people, I need to be brutally honest. Not that my life was like that all of the time, it wasn’t. I had good times too. I was basically a functioning depressed person that was just very good at hiding it most of the time! I can now tell my story because those dark days are finally in the past .
Hempworx CBD oil lifted the fog and the dark clouds and has literally given me my life back. I am now a believer in this amazing oil and the wonderful things that this can do! This is why I became a distributor so that I can help as many people as I can with their ailments, with their pain, diseases, and depression! I really don’t think there’s anything this cbdoil can’t fix. It’s like when you take it, it knows what your body needs and fixes it! There’s no better feeling in the world to help people who are suffering. I wish that this CBD oil was free because I would give it to everyone that needs it , but unfortunately it’s not! ‘ But I have to say that after feeling the way I do today, it is worth every penny! Please, give this a chance… if you’re tired of feeling the way you are like I was, just try it… you will be so glad you did, I just wish that I had found this years ago!

  • Epilepsy

11June 17
Here is my testimony from April:
So.. Wanted to just share a quick testimony. Before I launched HempWorx I smoked (medical MJ). Wasn’t really doing the whole CBD oil thing yet. I was getting CBD just in other ways lol..
I became interested in CBD because of how versatile it is. You can literally put in in skincare, in pet treats, shampoo, pain rubs, in vape oils, etc. I decided to start the 750 CBD drops myself out of curiosity.
Here’s what happened:
– I reduced my bipolar meds (Lamictal – which is also used for epilepsy) in half from 400mg to 200mg.
– My celiacs disease went into remission.
– All digestive issues resolved – no more stomach aches after eating.
– My moods have stabilized.
– Occasional bouts of nausea have gone away.
– My son had a split lip last night from being cracked due to the desert weather here in Vegas. I had our pain rub here so I put some on his lip before bed. He woke up and it was 95% healed.
– Josh was having pain on his forearm and was trying cold packs, heating pads, Advil- nothing was working so I said hey try this pain rub let’s see what happens. — Within minutes the pain went away.
SO YES I’M A BELIEVER. I can 100% stand behind our products.

  • Fibromyalgia

12October 9 · Muncy, PA
I’m so excited to share this testimonial. For me this is priceless. I’ve been using Hempworx CBD 750 for almost 3 months. I use it for my fibromyalgia, arthritis in my spine, depression and anxiety. I have been very happy with the results I’ve had. Having depression and anxiety makes me not the easiest person to live with. Tonight I started talking to my husband about the CBD and he told me that he has noticed a difference in me. He said I’ve been much calmer lately and that I get less worked up about things. I know I’ve been feeling so much better, but for him to notice this and comment about it without me asking is huge! Normally he is resistant to any type of holistic treatment, calling it voodoo. LOL! But after we talked I handed him a bottle and he said he would use it. He was diagnosed with diabetes this year and has lots of aches and pains. Thrilled with our conversation and anxious to see his results, too!

  • Migraines

13October 16
Migraines virtually gone! Hempworx CBD oil changed my life! So here is my story. I have been suffering with migraines since I was in first grade. I have recent headache logs saved in my phone for a Migraine Doctor and my General Physician. My logs show anywhere from 12-16 headaches, most of them migraines a month. After taking CBD oil 6 to 8 drops under my tongue in the morning and at night, I now only have 2-3 headaches a month!!!! and they are very mild and I am able to function and go back to work with in a few hours. In the past I would be out for a day or two with a migraine headache and not able to function. This my friend is life altering results for me! I have stopped taking 3 migraine medications and my anxiety pill.
Additional results are, I sleep more sound and virtually have no pain after going to the skatepark and skateboarding for hours. (age 45) The next day I wake up pain free where I used to have aches, pains and locked up! I also vape it when I get stressed. I have been studying CBD like crazy since I started taking it 5/29/2017. Why didn’t I learn about this sooner? Have fantastic day! Jerry

  • Multiple Sclerosis

14Yes I have been taking it for a month now and I was having problem with walking long distance and balance issues but now I have balance not limping anymore and full of energy.

15My Husband has MS. He never sleeps well and is up and down all night. After about 3 weeks on the Hempworx CBD 500mg, 10 drops twice a day, he sleeps much better. Last week he said, I didn’t even wake up last night. First time he ever said that in 10 yrs. He usually has to take 2 naps a day because of his fatigue. Some days he skips his nap.

16November 12 at 2:43pm · Circleville, OH
I just posted this on my page, feel free to share. hope this helps others see that there is HOPE WITH HEMP!
If your Dr doesn’t know about CBD oil, they must be living under a rock. My doctors are amazed and sharing my results with patients and family. My Dr is working with me to ween me off Lunesta and Cymbalta. I have already stopped 6 allergy meds, autoimmune suppressants and Chemotherapy. I have been taking them for years. Holistic is the way to go! So thankful I found Hempworx CBD oil. I have been slowly losing my peripheral vision due to MS and CRION Chronic Relapsing Inflammatory Optical Neuritis.The sheath around my optic nerve was thinning, I was told it would never improve the damage was permeant. Every time I had a flare up of my MS, I would have pain in my eye. I worked as a CMA in a surgeon’s office, one day I completely lost my site at work. Thankfully I got most of it back. That was the last day I worked and a beginning of lots of tests and medical appointments. After 5 long years of appointments, medications, Chemo, physical therapy, numerous specialis, I found CBD oil. I tried four different products before Hempworx. I have been taking Hempworxs for almost 4 months, here is what its done for me.
I feel better than I have in years, social anxiety is under control, sheath around my optic nerve thickened and my vision has improved, I have lost 25 lbs in 3 months, no migraines, pain that was normally a 7 is now 0-2, neropathy is continuing to improve, more energy just a since of well being, I have been sleeping better because I am not in any pain. I am sure I missed something. Lol

  • Psoriasis

17November 16 at 5:34am
I have shared my results on a few occasions privately in conversations however I have never written a testimony and now it’s time .. it would be a shame not to share!
I started taking CBD oil the first week of August 2017 for a couple of health reasons all of which the oil help with immensely.. but who knew it would help my psoriasis.
The pictures don’t lie the results are astounding .. these two collages are of the two spots that always hurt the most .. cracks and bleeding were the norm .. today I shaved my leg

I’m Helping people every day find peace and a way out from big pharma

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

18June 18 · Flower Mound, TX
Rheumatoid Arthritis:
I have had RA since after my first son was born 9 years ago, carrying a a baby brought out the pain. I was put on Xeljanz and took it for almost 9 full years. I now take HempWorx 500mg CBD oil, I was able to ween off Xeljanz and solely take cbd oil! I have a few flare ups when I do aggressive things, however I just take a few extra drops and poof the pain is gone! 🌱✌🏻🌱✌🏻

  • Schizophrenia & Psychosis

19I wish we had realized the benefits of CBD oil a few years ago when it comes to Schizophrenia.

20Here is one testimony…
Schizophrenia Testimony!
My husbands grandmother has schizophrenia and early dementia. As typically for most with this disease, she does not take her medicine she is paranoid something is in it, or it will cause problems. She has lived the past several years with her neck turned to one side because she “thinks” her medicine caused it, she doesn’t sleep very much, talking a few hours every day, because she is constantly worried about her neighbors getting in the house. Walks around with pepper spray, spraying the entire house, whispering to people whom are not there. Barricading doors, never keeping food in the house due to it being poisoned by someone.
She has been on the HempWorx CBD 750mg for about a week now, she has stopped holding her head to the side, relieved the pain from it always cricked to the side, she has been able to sleep throughout the entire night, going to bed around 9 and sleeping without gettin up until 6/7 in the morning. She has stopped the whispers, she has yet to mention anyone trying to poison or hurt her. She has been in a 💯 mood change, happy non combative, joking laughing and starting to get back to her self. She has not been barricading doors and just simply locking them, and eating without mentioning it being poisoned. This is a HUGE success in my book, we are again so eternally grateful for this product!

  • Dementia

21November 10 at 1:10pm
This is our Personal Testimonial of what this product that Paul and I have been using. This message can be shared with any one.
We have been using CBD oil which is a Cannabis oil it does not have THC in it. it is perfectly legal to use. The reason I started using it first, was for my husband Paul which he has Demetria and I wanted to help his memory, we have been using the CBD oil for about a month I have seen more clarity in his thinking it is most definitely working. I started using the Oil about 3days after he did, wanted to see what it would do for me as well. With in the first day I noticed my joints were not hurting like they were it helped with my anxiety and I was also suffering with some depression that has know gone away I have so much more energy and so does Paul. It took my ringing in my ears away and I’m not suffering from vertigo anymore. We ran out and we went without for 2weeks my joints stared hurting and my anxiety started coming back and Paul started having his confusion back along with some other issues. We even tried a off brand to see if it would do the same as the CBD oil we were using before. Well lets just say we went back to using the CBD oil that we started with and will never go off it. The first day after we got our new order all my aches and pains went away and Paul started having his clarity back in his Memory. So this product works and it so worth the money. We so believe in this PRODUCT.

  • And much more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you would like to talk to me about CBD Oil Please email or call me at:

760 298-8996
Cell: 661 886-5071

If you would like to order CBD Oil through me:

Next up Part 5. How Corporate Greed Stole Hemp from all of us.
How did William Randolf Hearst and Biollionaire Greed rip us all off!!!
How did that set Health Care back another eighty years!!!





Part 3 What We can do to bring our Physical and Mental Health Back To Earth.

We all know about the need for exercise. I won’t go into that here. I will save that for my series coming up on Blue Zones where I will talk about fun ways to eliminate the word Exercise. That word scares most of us into hiding on the couch with a TV remote control in our hand as a Security Blanket.
This series is about Preventative Medicine and how Big Pharma wiped the term right out of the United States Medical Practice Lexicon.
Why did they do that? Let’s boil it all the way down to a simple sentence.
“A healthy, pain-free Population does not buy drugs!!!”
Why do I use the U.S. as a bad example? We always want to be first. Everything in the U.S. happens very quickly.
Here “More Is Better” has taken on a life of its own. The U.S. is the worst offender but the rest of the world is catching up. You can buy our favorite Fast Food Cholesterol Bombs in a Bun now all over the world. Don’t forget to Super Size it!!!
We are trying to spread Democracy but we are doing a much better job at spreading Wastelines and man-made illness!!!
Why should anyone listen to me? Quick Outline:
Forty years ago my family, Ginger and I became friends with Harvey Diamond who wrote the Best Selling Health Books of all time “Fit For Life”.
My sister and mom worked with Harvey putting on health seminars all over California.
This was the beginning of my understanding of the ever-widening gulf between Big Pharma and Preventative Medicine which is still practiced in Oriental Cultures and somewhat in Europe.
I learned that here in the U.S. people wait for something to go wrong and then run to their doctor to get prescriptions for the latest and greatest drugs.
“If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It!” This is a very stupid statement when it comes to our body and brain. Sadly American’s like to use that statement a lot.
Over the last forty years, I have watched Veterans like myself become drug dependent zombies by well-meaning VA doctors that were being fed bad medical practices by the ever-growing influence of the Pharmaceutical Industry.
I wrote in my book; “The Warzone PTSD Survivors Guide” that the VA thought that PTSD stood for “Please Take Some Drugs”! That may give some a chuckle but I am dead serious about this.
Over the years I also watched the FDA fall more and more under their influence.
Many people don’t realize this: The FDA does not have to prove that something works. They just have to prove that it won’t kill us and they are failing badly.
How many lawsuits do we need to hear about against the Drug Companies for this drug or that?  Remember these drugs passed the FDA’s purview and scrutiny. The FDA OKed them.
Over the past twenty years, I have done tons of research in order to write my books and to try to help myself and as many veterans as I can.
I have met many other authors and researchers like Dr. Lisa Nejavits that wrote “Seeking Safety” that is used in many VA Hospitals.
Another is Col. (Ret), Dr. Mike Lewis who ran the Clinics at the Pentagon. More about Mike in Part 4.
In my quest to find things that actually healed people I became friends with the doctors and researchers that were the heads of surprisingly a number of MLM Companies.
I can hear it now!!! “Oh No! Did he really say MLM?” Many people faint and fall on the floor when they hear MLM. Hang in there and I will explain something many don’t realize about them.
First I am not telling anyone to join an MLM. Because of the fantastic products, I have found being sold by MLM’s I buy from a number of them. I have for years and will continue to do so. I don’t need to join their business to buy from them.
Are MLM products expensive?  They can be but more and more they are becoming very competitive. The way I look at it if I can’t get a particularly unique healing substance anywhere else on the planet,  how important is Ginger’s and my health to us. Plus if their product is extremely important to us like CBD Oil, for instance, I’ll spread the word enough for us to get ours for free😊

Why do MLM’s find products that heal and are so great?
The Drug Companies want nothing to do with Preventative Medicine. Why would they ever want to heal anyone and turn them into an ex-customer?
The MLM Companies were the only outfits with money for research. They have spent many millions searching the world for Age old Superfoods and Healing Salves, All-Natural Cleaning Products, etc.
Unlike drugs, these products are very valuable for Preventative Medicine. Many of the one’s Ginger and I use we will continue to use for the rest of our lives.
Big Pharma’s Drugs, on the other hand, you must get off of as quickly as possible unless you don’t care about your liver and kidneys.
Without great products that actually worked, these MLM companies couldn’t exist.
What feedback you hear most about MLM’s is; “I hate those MLM companies, but I loved such and such’s MLM’s soap.” “Those MLM’ers drive me crazy but they had this skin cream that was soooo good!”
After all these years, I have never heard anyone badmouth any of their products. Their
Biz Plan? Now that is another story. Too many people go into them with no business experience. They would probably have failed at any type of business but it is easy to blame MLM.
The first MLM company I ran into all the way back in 1993, was run by those Aloe Vera guys from Carrington Labs that had worked with our government during WWII.
Once they were able to stabilize the mannans in the Aloe Vera, allowing a shelf life, they formulated some really great products.
They wanted to get it out to the masses and the best way they could find was the MLM Model or Word Of Mouth marketing.
Big Pharma went ballistic.They started the Sugar Pill campaign I mentioned earlier that nearly put the company under.
This company is going strong twenty-four years later. Why? Many thousands of people had real results with their products. Big Pharma, no matter how hard they tried, couldn’t stifle real results.
As I said my mom at 94 uses these products every day as does many others I know.
Another Dr. buddy of mine formulated a product using Young Tissue Extract (YTE). He formed an MLM Company. As I described earlier in these reports his product saved my wife’s life from colitis.
Another person I got to know formed a very large MLM company. One of his products is a Pain Relieving Power Strip with technology and all natural substances that have helped hundreds of people I know and many thousands of others around the world.
I am saying all of this because I want you to open your mind to the fact that there is real help out there.
Hundreds of Thousands of people are using these products from those Blankety Blank MLM’s. If they didn’t work and actually HEAL people those companies would not exist!!! They all work on Word Of Mouth.
These products are all natural. They do not have Side Effects. They work!!!
Do the drugs from Big Pharma have Side Effects? Listen to their commercials!

 Histories Healing Herbs and Plants:
As I explained earlier in these reports many of the existing healing plants and herbs are being reimagined. What I mean by that is that they are being brought back under the microscopes in the labs of chemists, researchers, and technicians.
With new techniques in harvesting, stabilization, and bottling that I mentioned earlier in these reports, these ancient healers are being dramatically improved. I have continued to search for better and better ones.

Next Part 4: CBD Oil and the reemergence of the Amazing Hemp Plant.

You do not want to miss this report!








Part 2: Stop Pain and Illness In You and Your Whole Family!!!

Part 2: What went wrong between Preventative Medicine and Big Pharma:

Some of the following paragraphs are copied from my research and written by others and will be in italics. Most of this article is in my own words.
 For many thousands of years all the way back to when human’s first stood up and started walking there was a Mother saying “Ahhh, Baby has a Boo-boo!”
That was the start of our search for fixing an ever-growing list of Boo-Boos.
I won’t go into too much history about the advent of Holistic Medicine.
Before anyone gets their feathers all plumped up about words like Holistic let’s take a look at all the name calling.
People that believe that doctors are all-knowing Gods are repelled by words like Holistic or Naturopathic.
People that hate Big Pharma and the doctors and hospitals that are controlled by them use words like Allopathic!
Here is a paragraph below that I find amazing! Read it carefully and think about the Drug Commercials on the radio and TV with longer and longer strings of side effects at the end.
Allopathic medicine is an expression commonly used by proponents of alternative medicine to refer to mainstream medicine’s use of pharmaceutical drugs or physical interventions to treat or suppress symptoms, diseases, or conditions. “Allo” comes from the ancient Greek word for “other,” thus implying that the treatments and drugs used in Western Medicine create symptoms “other” than those produced by the disease itself–what doctors like to call side effects.
You will soon be able to tell what side of the Grand Canyon of controversy I stand on.
Let me say first “Thank God for doctors.” We need ER Rooms and so much more but the Pharmaceutical Companies have dug a canyon so deep that it is almost impossible to get a bridge across.
Do you know how many drugs are marketed to help people suffering from conditions caused by other drugs? When I think about this I need a drug for the Hyperventilation I am now dealing with.
The horrible miss-combining of drugs is now a nightmare that most doctors can’t seem to get a grip on.
OK, Deep Breaths. Say OOOMMMMM. We will get to the good news soon. 

More History:
Paleopathology, a term given wide circulation by Sir Marc Armand Ruffer in the nineteenth century, is the study of the abnormalities which can be demonstrated in the human and animal remains of ancient times. Investigations of human remnants from historic periods have uncovered many disease entities, for instance, tuberculosis and parasitic infestation in the mummies of ancient Egypt, but what of the bony remains of humans from prehistory? Clear-cut abnormalities in their skeletons and teeth also testify to the prevalence of a number of pathologic conditions. In addition, some of the bone irregularities (decalcification, overgrowths, and thickenings) may represent secondary effects of general illnesses.
Witch Doctors popped up all over the place.
Some of the old trial and error that researchers found was very misguided such as drilling holes in skulls to let out the evil spirits was a little over the top😊 Or should I saw a little off the top. Talk about a haircut!!!
These same Witch Doctors and Shamans did, however, find, over thousands of years, many plants, herbs, salves, muds, and healing waters.
They even used honey, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, anise, cumin, turmeric, mustard, mint, garlic. The list goes on and on. All these things were time tested over thousands of years.
What happened that caused the move from all these fabulous all natural healers to the Toxic Soup of Big Pharma.
The main thing that happened is that the world got too big and too Damn fast!!!!
Let me use Aloe Vera to try to build a bridge across the wide divide of what went wrong.
In Alexander, the Greats time war was actually slow. No Freight Trains. No Jet Transport. They used horses and wagons.
They knew about Aloe Vera which is one of the greatest healers that God put on this planet.
When Alexander’s Armies went to war they had wagons full of dirt with live Aloe Vera planted in them. Their doctors could cut a leaf to coat a sword wound right on the spot.
That along with many of things listed above were used to heal the fighting men.

Let’s fast forward to WWII:
Jet Airplanes, Atomic Bombs, Oboy! Did you ever see the movie: “Dr.  StrangeLove; Or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Bomb”!!!
The Atomic Era brought in the worry over things like Radiation.
Our government hired doctors and researchers to find anything that could help with radiation burns among other things.
They found that Aloe Vera was the only thing that really worked.
Problem: When Aloe Vera is cut it releases an enzyme that destroys the healing properties in a fairly short period of time.
The Military realized that it couldn’t be stockpiled so they abandoned using Aloe Vera to use in the case of a Nuclear Attack.
They looked to drug manufacturers to find things that could be stored. They didn’t care about the toxicity of the alternatives as the worldwide fear that radiation was far more toxic than the cure.
Many super All-natural healing substances were sidelined because they were too slow or couldn’t be stored. They needed it NOW!!! Pharmaceutical Companies could spew toxic stuff out fast and furious.
Big Pharma dug in deep. They did it with Lawyers and Lobbyists. They did it by buying the Hospitals plus their Doctors and the Health Insurance Industry.
They did it with free vacations and buying fancy hospital equipment and out and out packets of cash delivered under the table. You see this in the plot lines of many Hollywood Movies. Many of those movies are drawn from real life. Sad but true!
They also did it through misdirection and hiring advertising  Juggernauts.

How did this happen?
Don’t worry I will get to what you will need to live pain-free and in optimum health.
Until you are convinced about how deep the collision between Big Pharma and the Health Insurance Industries goes you will not open your mind to what is now available to you. These age-old healing substances are now called Alternative Medicine.
It is interesting when you think about it. Preventative Medicine and all natural healing had been around for tens of thousands of years.
Big Pharma has been around for only around one hundred and is no mainstream.
How did they pull off this Trillion Dollar Coup D’Etat?
I’ll stay with Aloe Vera to show how it happened.
After the war, several of the chemists, doctors, and researchers got back together at Carrington Laboratories in Texas.
They knew how important Aloe Vera was and they were determined to find a way to extract and safely store the mannans which are the healing properties.

Concentrated Acemannan in Aloe Vera
Traditionally, the problem with aloe vera products is that the key active ingredients, the mannan sugars, are not particularly concentrated in the aloe plant, and are not particularly stable. In addition, they are easily destroyed both in the harvesting process and in the concentration process. It is only in the last few years that these limitations have been overcome and supplements with meaningful amounts of mannan sugars have been produced. And now, a brand new proprietary process has been discovered that allows for the dehydration and concentration of aloe at low temperatures (never exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit). This is significant since it preserves the integrity of the mannan sugars – not to mention the enzyme activity of the aloe constituents. This process produces a product that contains all of the complex carbohydrates contained in whole aloe leaf at powerfully high levels of concentration – as high as 200:1.
Due to the processes above fantastic products were brought to market with tremendous healing properties.
My Mom brought one such company to my attention many years ago. She uses their products religiously.
These products are so great that people like my mom are living longer and better. She is 94 and still walks miles up and down hills every week.
These products are not drugs. In essence, many are considered Super Foods. They do not need Millions of Dollars to get them through the FDA Process. They Work!!!
And they have been working for thousands of years.
With new processes, as in the above paragraph, many are actually vastly improved.
This totally freaked out Big Pharma and the fangs came out like there was a Full Moon!!!
Their Lawyers and Lobbyists struck with huge newspaper headlines.

“Such and Such Company is Ripping off Consumers with Sugar Pills”!

They had everyone thinking these companies were turning S&H Pure Cane Sugar into
Placebo Pills. Some of you probably remember all of this.
This is an out and out lie but with misdirection, they could get away with it.
Mannan Sugars are not something you find at the Sugar isle at your local Grocery Store.
Mannan Sugars are super saccharides (complex sugars). We must have them to stay healthy.
You can trust me or If you need more convincing read this:

Big Pharma spends millions tricking us into buying their toxic drugs that mask pain and shove the symptoms of real problems back into our bodies where they fester and build into life and death situations.
Here is a fair analogy. With the right Big Pharma pain drug, you would not realize that your hand was on fire until it was too late!!!

Next: Part 3 What We can do to bring our Physical and Mental Health Back To Earth.




Part 1: Stop Pain and Illness In You and Your Whole Family!!!

This is the start of a series of articles I am writing to put a stop to unnecessary Illness in our Veterans and Veterans around the world

It is now time we Veterans and Active Military stopped relying only on Toxic Drugs and find out about the giant advancements that are occurring with All Natural Healing and more importantly Preventative Medicine that has all but disappeared in the United States.
Yes, I mean Healing as opposed to becoming sicker and sicker by listening to the garbage we are being fed by Big Pharma and their companies Stockholders. Their Greed is Killing us!!!
If you really want to get healthy and remove pain from your life than plug into this series of articles.
I will give you the info you need to eliminate close to 100% of any and all physical and mental illnesses from the lives of you and your friends and family.
Many of you know that I write books to help veterans like myself. My first book is “The Warzone PTSD Survivors Guide”
It has required years of research into mental and physical health. One of the greatest things to come from that is meeting doctors inside and out of the VA System. These doctors and clinicians have moved away from the toxic drug soup that Big Pharma pushes at us.
I wrote in my book the VA thinks PTSD stands for “Please Take Some Drugs”.
The great news is that through my research and talking to all these enlightened doctors that there now are all natural herbs, plants, plant extracts and combinations of non-toxic products that are healing people. That’s right healing.
You can not use the word healing when talking about drugs. They do not heal anything. They are band-aids that mask the underlying cause of pain and illness.
One of the products healed my wife Ginger. She was dying from colitis.
Doctors and specialists told us that she would have it for the rest of her life and there was nothing they could do except give her toxic steroids.
Thanks to one of the doctors I became friends with we were given an all natural non-toxic product. She has not had one flareup or any symptoms of colitis again.
For many thousands of years, there have been these healing substances in use by many cultures around the world.
Plants such as Aloe Vera, Green Tea, and herbal drinks, have been important for centuries. In Biblical Times many balms and potions used honey, Apple Cider vinegar, cinnamon, cumin, Frankincense, Myrrh and a very long list of substances that stood the test of time.
We are talking many thousands of years of trial and error.
The collusion between Big Pharma and the insurance industry have caused these great healing substances to fade into nonuse in favor of toxic drugs which generate the billions of dollars that are so important to their stockholders. It is just too profitable to have a sick population gobble their poison. And yes many of their concoctions contain actual poison substances.
Today with the latest techniques in harvesting, bottling, and storage these age-old substances are coming back highly improved and changing people lives.
Every day I will add some more to this important subject. The information will improve your health which always improves your happiness and can extend the number of years you hope to live.
Any of you that want more information sooner please email me and tell me what ailments physical or mental you or your friends and family are dealing with. I will then research what is happening in the world of Nutriceuticals and All Natural Healing and what is working today? You will be surprised at how powerful these testimonials are.

My next post will explain how and why these age-old herbs and plants are pouring back into today’s healing and Preventative Medicine which has been all but forgotten in the United States.

Help Your Local Vets

Help Your Local Vets.
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Donate copies of:
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This is the 2nd Edition of my book with three additional Chapters:

  • Military Sexual Trauma
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Agent Orange

I am very proud to say that my book has helped many vets.
What is really exciting is the feedback on how many friends and families of vets have been helped by learning what happened to their loved one that has changed them so much.
I am a 100% Disabled Vietnam Vet with multiple Purple Hearts. I have PTSD!
I write from personal experience. I also have TBI myself plus 45 years experience on subjects such as:

  • Dealing with the Veterans Administration
  • Road Rage
  • Anger Management
  • Dealing with Crowds
  • And much more

I was married on my R&R from Vietnam to my wife Ginger. After 48 years we are still married and now best friends. It was a roller coaster ride so we both have a huge knowledge base on what it takes to deal with traumatized relationships. War and things like PTSD, TBI place extra trauma on those relationships. Many Veterans have multiple breakups as the stress builds.

For individual Copies to yourself or drop shipped to a veteran in Paperback or Ebook:
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Anti-Malarial drug linked to Brain Damage

Army units ordered to stop taking anti-malarial drug linked to Brain Damage

The top doctor for Green Berets and other elite Army commandos has told troops to immediately stop taking mefloquine, an anti-malaria drug found to cause permanent brain damage in rare cases.

The ban among special operations forces is the latest development in a long-running controversy over mefloquine. The drug was developed by the Army in the 1970s and has been taken by millions of travelers and people in the military over the years. As alternatives were developed, it fell out of favor as the front-line defense against malaria, a mosquito-borne disease that international health officials say kills roughly 600,000 people a year.

The new prohibition among special operations forces follows a July 29 safety announcement by the Food and Drug Administration that it had strengthened warnings about neurologic side effects associated with the drug. The FDA added a boxed warning to the drug label, the most serious kind of warning, saying neurologic side effects like dizziness, loss of balance and ringing in the ears may become permanent.

The drug’s other side effects include anxiety, depression and hallucinations — conditions that some military families over the years believe prompted psychotic behavior in their loved ones, including killings and suicides.

Quoting the FDA’s July safety warning, the Surgeon General’s Office of the Army Special Operations Command sent a message to commanders and medical personnel last Friday ordering a halt in prescribing mefloquine for malaria prevention for the approximately 25,000 Green Berets, Rangers, Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations soldiers, command spokesman Lt. Col. Dave Connolly said.

The message also told commanders and medical workers to assess the possibility that some of their troops have been sickened by the drug but may mistakenly have been thought to be malingering or to have post-traumatic stress disorder or other psychological problems. That’s because symptoms of toxic levels of mefloquine in the brain may mimic or be mistaken for other disorders. The message said questions about suspected cases of mefloquine toxicity should be submitted though the War Related Illness and Injury Center of the Veterans Affairs Department, which has been studying the issue.

“What this is is a wake-up call telling troops, `Look, you’ve been misinformed,”‘ said Remington Nevin, a former Army physician and epidemiologist who studies the psychiatric effects of anti-malarial toxicity at the Department of Mental Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Nevin is a critic of military policy on mefloquine, which he says the Pentagon should have stopped using years ago, particularly because it confounds diagnosis of PTSD and traumatic brain injury, two signature health issues of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Others point out that the drug has been effective in preventing malaria and many people have preferred it because it is less expensive and has to be taken less often than alternatives.

“I take mefloquine when I travel,” said Dr. David Sullivan of the Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute. “For 80 percent, 90 percent of the people, they have no trouble with it.”

Mefloquine is still prescribed to the traveling public and to volunteers in the Peace Corps, which also has reduced its use.

The new prohibition among commando units goes beyond guidance from top Defense Department health officials, who say mefloquine use by the different branches of the military has been dramatically reduced in recent years but is still given to troops who can’t use alternatives.

The drug was given to 2,417 uniformed and civilian defense personnel and family members in the first seven months of this year, compared with more than 20,000 in all of 2009.

The Pentagon says it doesn’t have data on the number troops who may have suffered ill effects from the drug. But two days after the FDA announcement, the department began a review “of potential neuropsychological effects on service members who were prescribed mefloquine,” said Lt. Col. Cathy Wilkinson, a defense spokeswoman.

Military Sexual Trauma

Rape goes back to the beginnings of warfare. The Cavemen banded together to fight off Stone-age Armies for their hunting grounds. I am sure there was raping and pillaging going on way back then.
Can you imagine what went on during the Roman Times? Wars were started over it!!!

Roman Rape

The rape of noblewoman Lucretia was a starting point of events that led to the overthrow of the Roman Kingdom and establishment of the Roman Republic. As a direct result of rape, Lucretia committed suicide. Many artists and writers were inspired by the story, including Shakespeare, Botticelli, Rembrandt, Dürer,Artemisia Gentileschi, Geoffrey Chaucer, and Thomas Heywood.

Is rape only a woman’s issue?
Military Sexual Trauma is a much larger issue than anyone realizes. Here is something that really affects me to this day.
A number of years ago I was in a PTSD and Substance Abuse Group at the Sepulveda, VA in Southern California.
The program worked from a friend of mines awesome book “Seeking Safety”. This is a great program. Dr. Lisa Nejavits, a Harvard Professor, wrote the workbook. Ask your local VA if they have this program.
Most of the men in this group were older Vietnam Era veterans. Most had been on the battlefield.
There was a younger Disabled Vet in the group that always seemed lost and out of sorts. Well actually all the vets in the group were out of sorts to some degree.
Everyone in the group had been fighting men that had been in a war zone.
This young man and I became friends and after a period of time he came to me and needed to confide in someone.
He asked what I knew about any other causes of PTSD in the military. After some give and take  we finally got down to the situation. This poor guy had been raped by his Senior male officer while in his early military training.
Talk about being in a Catch 22 situation. He had very little in common with the rest of us. There were next to zero Military Sexual Trauma workshops he could reach out to at the VA. If you could find one it was all women. So my friend was in the really bad position of keeping it all to himself.
As we have talked about in other articles the worst thing that we can do is clam up.

Healing does not occur without breaking the silence barrier. Many of you know just how hard that is with Warzone PTSD issues. It is much more difficult when dealing with any type of Military Sexual Trauma. It is a maddening, embarrassing situation followed by everything from sadness and a desire to hide. We males all have to play the Macho Card much to our detriment. So you can imagine how hard it had been for my friend to come to me.
Being a filmmaker he has gone on to get his story out even more in a short movie.

The most important thing I am trying to get at is the necessity of getting it out in the open in some way as early as possible. It is important to talk with someone.
Now here is the important part. Who is that someone?
Let’s consider Military Sexual Trauma as an androgynous topic. It is horrible for both sexes.
Most of the Military establishment doesn’t want you to talk to anybody!!! Finding someone to talk to is really hard especially while you are still active military.

Note: For legal reasons I can’t tell you what you should or shouldn’t do at the time of the rape. This article is dealing with PTSD Issues after the fact. There are important websites on what to do at the time of the assault. Here are a few:

DoD Website:
Military Rape Site:
Military Authority:

Support Groups:
Break the Sound Barrier!!! The sooner you can find a support group the better. You need people to talk to. It helps to find a cross section of people that you would find in organized support groups.
People who have just been through the trauma can be helpful because you will find, as I did, that helping others is very rewarding and grounding. This helped me immensely with my own Warzone PTSD.
Mine wasn’t from rape but PTSD across the board has many things in common like Anger Management, Road Rage, Substance Abuse.
Seek out people in the group that have spent years dealing with their own trauma. There are grounding tricks and techniques that really help and these people will know more about them and will be happy to help because it helps them to help you.
If you notice the word help was in there a lot. Don’t stay a victim. Ask for help and be willing to help others. Some of my closest friends were made through our mutual PTSD struggle.
Does it become easier? Not if you hold it in!!! Get busy and do some Googling to find a local group that you feel comfortable with. You may need to go through a few but you will make friends along the way. Hang on to them!

How do you find help in your area:
Be creative with Google Searches. Here are some searches to try. Just swap out your local area in the search term. Then stretch the geographical area to larger towns in your general part of the country until you find someone to talk to that can point you in the right direction. The first three are an example of stretching the search to a set of related locals:

  • San Fernando sexual trauma support group
  • San Fernando Valley sexual trauma support group
  • Los Angeles sexual trauma support group
  • military rape crisis center los angeles
  • military rape support groups dallas
  • military rape support groups boston

The types of Google Searches above are fairly intuitive  and will point you in a good direction.
Here are some websites to find help around the country:

Important: Don’t try to do this alone. You are not at fault. I did not start healing from my PTSD until I reached out and found Kindred Spirits. In my case I did not do this until 30 years after my war trauma. What a waste of a giant chunk of my life!!!
Until I reached out I was in a fog of anger, isolation,  and every type of self medication on the planet. They do not help!!!!!!!!