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If you are visiting this Veterans Health Blog for the first time through my Flyer Campaign and looking for CBD Oil Info here are some links to my articles on the subject:
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Why am I so Pro CBD Oil? For one it is helping get vets off of toxic drugs like opioids!!!!!!
That would be enough but there are many more instances of what this Miricle Plant in a Bottle is doing for so many health conditions.
History of Veteran’s Health Blog:
In 1968 Donald Parent came home from the War in Vietnam.

He had married his High School Sweetheart in Hawaii on his six-day R&R Leave.
With a new wife and an Honorable Discharge, he tried to put his life back together.
Problems began almost immediately.
As an 11-B-10 Light Infantryman, he received multiple Purple Hearts.
He came home addicted to the Adrenalin Rushes that a warzone supplied in spades.

Toxic Drugs both Legal and Illegal:
He also became addicted to drugs and alcohol which is extremely common for our returning vets.
PTSD was not an acronym yet.
His wife received her own form of PTSD by Contact trying to live with him and help any way she could.

Over the next fifty plus years, he became a Researcher in order to save both of their lives.
They now have two daughters and three granddaughters.
They just celebrated their fiftieth anniversary.
Do PTSD and the aftermath of War still affect them? YES!

Through his Books, Web sites, and Blogs he continues to learn and help teach the younger vets and their families.
Don Parent has met many Writers, Doctors, and Researchers over the years in his quest to understand what lays waiting in the wake of all wars.
As he learns from all the other vets he is in contact with he continues to updates his book
“The Warzone PTSD Survivors Guide”
It is in the middle of its Fourth Edition rewrite.

This Blog is his way of spreading the word on what the everyday GI Joe Veteran needs to watch out for on their way to a healthy future.
Your best place to learn is by interacting with the thousands of veterans that have struggled with the same things you may be dealing with right now.

Over the past fifty years, the VA and many doctors  thought that PTSD stood for “Please Take Some Drugs!”
That is simply not true. With today’s breakthroughs in science, harvesting and stabilization techniques Ancient Health Care is being revisited with amazing results.

Things that worked for many thousands of years are pouring back and kicking Toxic Drugs to the curb.
Big Pharma and their Opioids are rapidly losing their luster due to the millions of pills flooding into our cities and destroying lives.

Vets Helping Vets


Time Magazine Article: Feb. 12, 2018
20,827,260 Number of prescription painkiller pills sent to two pharmacies in a West Virginia town of about 3000 people by out-of-state drug companies from 2006 to 2016 according to the Committee on Energy and Commerce in the U.S. House of Representatives!!!