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Do you have issues with diabetes? Have you been turned down for benefits? As always my strong advice is:

Never Take No For an Answer From the VA!!!

Many things have loosened up especially in regards to Vietnam Veterans who have the largest incidence of diabetes due to Agent Orange. Let’s not forget issues such as Peripheral Neuropathy and Cancer. These and many others are caused by AO but Monsanto keeps on making millions for their stockholders. Screw the fallout!!!

This is important enough to say this again and again!
Many veterans are having diabetes problems due to things like exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam. Many veterans were exposed to Agent Orange. What is not talked about  is that many were exposed that were never in Vietnam at all.
Example: Many Navy and Air Force veterans were involved in the transportation of AO as it was shipped to Vietnam.
For instance thousands of barrels of Agent Orange were unloaded on Okinawa Island and stored at the port of Naha, and at the U.S. military’s Kadena and Camp Schwab bases between 1965 and 1966.
This is just one small example of how our vets were exposed that were never in a war zone.

Any of you that have been turned down for benefits because of not having Boots on the Ground in Vietnam contact me for more info. DonP@PTSDHotline.Com

As mentioned in other blog posts here I have done tons of health research to help myself and all the veterans I try to help. Through this research I have found an All Natural Superfood formulation that is making a huge impact on helping our bodies heal themselves and even eliminate the need for insulin. Zero Drugs!!!!

Sgt Bill Vance’s Story:
Bill is a good friend of mine. Vietnam Vet, multi Purple Hearts, several Bronze Stars, the works.
Bill has had diabetes problems for years and needed to inject insulin on a regular basis.
Several months ago Bill decided to try the Super Food Formulation I had found.
Within days he no longer needed insulin.
I just talked to Bill this morning. He travels all over selling survival gear at places like Edwards Air Force Base, Fort Irwin, etc.
He forgot to order enough to last. Due to this he ran out of the formulation for two weeks and during that time he had to use insulin several times.
As soon as he returned home he reordered and has not needed insulin since.
That is really exciting. I have more stories like this one:
My wife Ginger, of 48 years, no longer has Colitis due to this same formulation, Yesssss!!! Read her story on this blog site.

Note: I do not want anyone to think that this is a business sales pitch type of thing. I am 70 and don’t need an income but if this works and helps veterans, which is now my lifes work, then there it is. It is about having us vets sticking together. If you find something that can help me I hope that you would step forward and bring it to my attention!
Using this Superfood Formulation is a part of a change in diet and better health that my wife and I are doing for ourselves.
Keep this in mind: My whole push is to help other vets like me. Here’s my creds:
I am a 70 year old 100% Disabled Vietnam Vet. I have multiple Purple Hearts.
My Book: “The Warzone PTSD Survivors Guide”
You are on my Veterans Health Blog.
My Website:
If you or someone you care about is having health or mental issues due to Military Service there is no one better to talk to than an older Fellow Vet. Don’t just take my word for it. Go to the VA and hang out with the older vets that have been able to put their lives back together again. As War Zone Survivors we need to stick together. Our veterans are a gigantic wealth of knowledge to tap into.

Wow just saw this:
his kind of info is popping up all the time now so get your tails into the VA and redo your claim. Those that do will get financial help. Don’t let them just try to load more drugs in your cart. There is really now all natural products that work way better then drugs that are just a bandaid.
As I wrote in my book the VA thinks PTSD stands for “Please Take Some Drugs”!!!
One of the other important things that I have written in my book is to Be Proactive With You Recovery. Get Involved! Never take No For an answer from the VA!!!


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