Preface to 5 Part Series

This is the Preface to my Five-Part Series:

Are the Drugs We Get From the VA Toxic?

To all my Fellow Veterans, their Families, and Friends;
Are the drugs we are getting from the VA Toxic?
All drugs from wherever you get them are toxic. They have to be to work the way they are designed.
Sadly that is the direction that Pharmaceutical Companies took one hundred years ago. They figured that a drug that is toxic to cancer cells could be beneficial but!!!!!
And here is the rub:
They also kill all the cells they interact with and our immune system along with it.
The problem with drugs is the delivery system and the combination of the pretty colored pills places like the VA are giving out by the wheelbarrow load!

If you went into most Vets medicine cabinets and wrote down the names of all the drugs they received from the VA even the VA doctors would be appalled. The combinations would kill a rhino!!!
I wrote in my book “The Warzone PTSD Survivors Guide” that as far as the VA was concerned PTSD stood for “Please Take Some Drugs”.
Preventative Medicine is history in the United States.
But it doesn’t have to be for you!!!
Don’t wait until something is wrong to run to the doctor for toxic drugs that fake out our brains and bodies.
Start before something goes haywire. Learn about Preventative Medicine and learn how to reverse illness if you are already sick.
There are now Superfoods that give our Immune Systems all the building blocks we need to heal everything. Reverse aging is now what the *Woke Doctors are using. It is called Renewal!!!
We lose 200 Million cells per minute. Learn how to get 200 Million Healthy Vibrant new cells to replace them. Is that exciting or what!!!
How did drugs become Mainstream and push thousands of year old healing practices into a dark corner?
How did big Pharmaceutical Companies poison us into Fake Health?
Become Proactive. Take your Health back
Read my five-part set of articles below. You don’t have to read them in order but it is better to start with #1 and follow the order.
History buffs will find them interesting and I hope you all get some good info too.

*Woke Doctors: Although an incorrect tense of awake, a reference to how Doctors should be aware of current affairs.

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