Hi Everyone;

Below is an email I sent to my daughter Kari who has a friend that is having real problems with diabetes right now

Hi Kari;

How is Shane doing? Please send this on to him.

I work with a bunch of  Vietnam Veterans that have problems with Diabetes due to Agent Orange exposure. That is one of the things that AO exposure causes.

I just got a call from one of my Veteran Buddies that started using stemFit Active six months ago.

Within days he no longer needed insulin. He ran out of stemFit two weeks ago and he needed to start using insulin again. He called all panicked and luckily I have an extra bottle. It only takes about 3 or 4 days to get from the company but he didn’t want to wait. He doesn’t like having to give himself shots of insulin.   

He loves the fact that stemFit balances out his body so he doesn’t need insulin. Over a period of years this is huge.

Shane and everyone needs to understand that insulin is not a good thing if you have to force it into your body.

Have him follow this link: http://drmirkin.com/archive/6851.html


I also have a number of other friends that were having problems with Diabetes (not from agent orange). They were having prickly pains in their feet and legs. Their skin was turning purple. They also had passed out and been rushed to the hospital at one time or another.

Within a week of taking stemFit the pain started disappearing and their skin color returned to normal.

Now these are friends of mine that got the stemFit from me. This is first hand info.

I can give a ton more stories due to stemFit but this is straight from me and my friends.


stemFit works at the cellular level and it balances out our bodies through Superfoods in highly concentrated amounts. stemFit is full of these nutrients with zero drugs.

When our bodies are in perfect balance with the right nutrients they will heal everything!!!

Remember that the doctors told mom she would never get over Colitis. They said it had nothing to do with diet and nutrition! This was just plain wrong. Doctors know next to nothing about prevention and nutrition.

It is all about that but being human we don’t follow a great diet and we go to parties and such. Also the food that we get in today’s local market doesn’t have the nutrition that is used to.

We can put it all back with daily superfoods. That is why I am so excited with stemFit.

Follow this link to read my blog articles I wrote about mom’s war with colitis and some other good topics:


stemFit is really inexpensive when you realize what it will do for us. People have been trained by the drug companies to ask their doctors the wrong questions.

Read the blog article I wrote about Syndromes to get an education on this.




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