Healing From Colitis

Ulcerative Colitis:

Here is an article that is really close to my heart! Ginger, my wife of 47 years, has been dealing with this ugly intestinal trauma for over 20 years.

First the good news! Even though the doctors said, with their usual knowing glare, “You will have this for life! There is nothing you can do! It is not due to your diet! You must take these pills for life”!!!

Well here is the good news. We didn’t take their BS as Gospel. It starts with the same letter though. GARBAGE!!!

Ginger has colitis flare ups every several years. They are so bad that once she starts one it escalates into a full blown disaster. She ends up with awful pain and can barely get from the couch to the bathroom.

We have always ended up taking her back and forth to different Gastroenterologists. Don’t you just love those names? Gas is what they give me. Ginger has gone to a number of them and they all said the same stuff.

I cannot believe that these doctors of the stomach, intestines, etc, claim that diet and nutrition has nothing to do with it.
I mentioned this to my friend Harvey Diamond, author of the bestsellers “Fit For Life”.
That really set him off. He said; “That is like telling someone with a hangover that alcohol had nothing to do with it”!!!

Five months ago Ginger started getting a flair up. Well this time we decided to try something different.

I have been researching drug free alternatives for things like PTSD and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) for many years.

I have been introduced to top Naturopathic Doctors around the world in my search for better health choices for Veterans.

Six months ago I was lucky to be introduced to Dr Chris Morris. He introduced me to a product he had formulated that causes our bodies to go into a heightened healing mode at the cellular level.I kept hearing impressive results from a number of people I personally know. We are talking all natural nutrients that have been being used for thousands of years.

His formulation included a group of these major nutriceuticals in a combo that formed a synergy that is amazing everyone that tries it.

Ginger and I decided that before she went back to the Gastro Gangsters that she would give this a good try.

It was the 2nd week of the flair up when she started taking four capsules of Dr Chris’s stemFit Active all natural nutrient each day.

In the past the colitis flare ups started gathering steam in the third week and getting really bad..

Within a week of starting the nutrient we noticed that the flair up wasn’t escalating and in fact the blood in her stools began to diminish.

She was even being able to go to the gym at Edwards Air Force Base which is our regular routine. With colitis in the past this in no way would have happened.

By the 3rd week the symptoms of the colitis were totally gone and now months later have not returned.

Gang this is so awesome I don’t even know how to say it strong enough.

What is really great is that it is doing the same thing for many of the vets I have gotten to try it that are having bad problems with diabetes due to Agent Orange.

It is also being called a Happy Pill by a 100% Disabled Vet buddy of mine. It has balanced out our systems so well that we have no desire to drink alcohol. This is really important to me as well as my PTSD always pushed me in that direction.

If you are interested in finding out more about this and other really great all natural healers email me at: DonP@PTSDHotline.Com

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