Part 1: Stop Pain and Illness In You and Your Whole Family!!!

This is the start of a series of articles I am writing to put a stop to unnecessary Illness in our Veterans and Veterans around the world

It is now time we Veterans and Active Military stopped relying only on Toxic Drugs and find out about the giant advancements that are occurring with All Natural Healing and more importantly Preventative Medicine that has all but disappeared in the United States.
Yes, I mean Healing as opposed to becoming sicker and sicker by listening to the garbage we are being fed by Big Pharma and their companies Stockholders. Their Greed is Killing us!!!
If you really want to get healthy and remove pain from your life than plug into this series of articles.
I will give you the info you need to eliminate close to 100% of any and all physical and mental illnesses from the lives of you and your friends and family.
Many of you know that I write books to help veterans like myself. My first book is “The Warzone PTSD Survivors Guide”
It has required years of research into mental and physical health. One of the greatest things to come from that is meeting doctors inside and out of the VA System. These doctors and clinicians have moved away from the toxic drug soup that Big Pharma pushes at us.
I wrote in my book the VA thinks PTSD stands for “Please Take Some Drugs”.
The great news is that through my research and talking to all these enlightened doctors that there now are all natural herbs, plants, plant extracts and combinations of non-toxic products that are healing people. That’s right healing.
You can not use the word healing when talking about drugs. They do not heal anything. They are band-aids that mask the underlying cause of pain and illness.
One of the products healed my wife Ginger. She was dying from colitis.
Doctors and specialists told us that she would have it for the rest of her life and there was nothing they could do except give her toxic steroids.
Thanks to one of the doctors I became friends with we were given an all natural non-toxic product. She has not had one flareup or any symptoms of colitis again.
For many thousands of years, there have been these healing substances in use by many cultures around the world.
Plants such as Aloe Vera, Green Tea, and herbal drinks, have been important for centuries. In Biblical Times many balms and potions used honey, Apple Cider vinegar, cinnamon, cumin, Frankincense, Myrrh and a very long list of substances that stood the test of time.
We are talking many thousands of years of trial and error.
The collusion between Big Pharma and the insurance industry have caused these great healing substances to fade into nonuse in favor of toxic drugs which generate the billions of dollars that are so important to their stockholders. It is just too profitable to have a sick population gobble their poison. And yes many of their concoctions contain actual poison substances.
Today with the latest techniques in harvesting, bottling, and storage these age-old substances are coming back highly improved and changing people lives.
Every day I will add some more to this important subject. The information will improve your health which always improves your happiness and can extend the number of years you hope to live.
Any of you that want more information sooner please email me and tell me what ailments physical or mental you or your friends and family are dealing with. I will then research what is happening in the world of Nutriceuticals and All Natural Healing and what is working today? You will be surprised at how powerful these testimonials are.

My next post will explain how and why these age-old herbs and plants are pouring back into today’s healing and Preventative Medicine which has been all but forgotten in the United States.

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