Help Get our Vets Off So Many Prescription Drugs Part 1

This may be a little long so I will do it in two parts. This is an extremely important topic so please hang in there with me.

We are always talking about Drugs in the Military and worrying about drug and alcohol abuse among our veterans.
In this article let’s talk about prescription drugs and what happens when they are overused and over-prescribed.
In my book “The Warzone PTSD Survivors Guide” I wrote that PTSD should not stand for:

“Please Take Some Drugs!!!”

That sounds funny and it is a catchy phrase but it is an issue that is anything but comical!!!
One thing that I have personally experienced at the Veterans Admin, is that once we are placed on prescriptions for depression, anxiety, blood pressure, cholesterol, gout, colitis and many other problems, we are on them for years or even life.
I know through research and talking to many people, that this happens at all hospitals.
As long as my blood tests showed that my liver was OK I continued to receive prescriptions for anxiety/depression, blood pressure, and other meds even though I had lost weight and my BP had gone down.
The doctors just figured that the meds were doing their job.
I am not pointing blame. That is just the way modern medicine has worked for many years.

The problem is that all drugs are toxic to one degree or another. Over time they will cause us liver and kidney issues along with other problems.The same thing goes for psychotropic medications. Don’t take my word for that. Do a Google Search for “Are all drugs toxic?” Believe me, you will get plenty of feedback.

So what do we do? How do we help?

What can we do to help our vets cut down or even eliminate prescription drugs? Can we help them get off illegal drugs as well? How about alcohol abuse?  Can we do something to slow the rising tide of suicides among our veterans and active military?  The answer is YESSSSSSS!!!

That above is a heck of a strong statement! How can I say something like that?
Why can I talk to you about this? I am not a doctor! I am not a psychiatrist!
Here is why I feel I have earned the right.
I am a 70-year-old 100% Disabled Vietnam Veteran. I have spent the past 45 years of my life living with PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury, A.D.D., High Blood Pressure, Alcoholism, Drug Issues and struggling with the “Ins and Outs” of the Veterans Administration!!!
I have a Doctorate from the School of Hard Knocks. That takes many more years than a College Degree and the lessons if they don’t Kill Ya make you stronger. You may try but you do not forget these lessons.
Many veterans I have come into contact with have been sick & even died from Agent Orange, and the Mental and Physical problems caused by a war zone. This includes the trauma their families and friends had to go through as well by wanting to help us.
Over the past years, I have met many young vets that are lost. They are dealing with Suicide Issues, finding jobs and being homeless!!! How could I not try to help? Over time I picked up more and more tips and hopefully solutions. 

More Training:
I have gone through years of Group Therapy, Anger Management, Exposure Therapy, Drug and Substance Abuse Classes. I have been poked and prodded by the VA in their quest to understand PTSD and what it does to us.
Don’t Underestimate the VA:
Say what you will but the VA is the Preeminent Experts on PTSD in the world!!! Same goes for Traumatic Brain Injury, Diabetes from Agent Orange & much more.
This is because of the thousands of vets they had to deal with over so many years. Ask any doctors at the VA how they learned about PTSD and they will tell you they learned it from the Vietnam Vets
Warzone PTSD Survivor:
Spending the past 45+ years of my life, in this incredible struggle has been my Doctorate in Survival. My many years of research, which I needed to do to save my life, has given me the insights and knowledge to reach out and help as many other veterans as I can.
Interacting with all the other Veterans and their families saved my life and saved my 48-year marriage.
Ginger and I got married in Hawaii on my R&R from Vietnam in 1967. She also earned a Doctorate in all this by taking care of my fanny.
Why did I tell you all of this?  I don’t want you to think that I am just running off at the mouth. No one is born with this type of information. You can gain some understanding through reading a book and actually help some vets through that research but if you really want to learn the inside track spend time with older Vets that have had the information beat into them and come out the other side Shaken but not Stirred! We were able to put most (not all) of the pieces back together again.

Note: CBD Oil is giving amazing help for Veterans struggling with Substance Abuse. It is helping in such a huge way that I have set up its own section on this blog site: CBD Oil and All Natural Nutrition

Next: Part 2. Replace Drugs With What??? That is an important question???

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