My Veteran Friend Needs Help!

First if your veteran friend or family member is in danger follow this below:
If this is an Emergency Please dial:
1-800-273-8255     Press 1 for Veterans    

People ask me all the time; “How do I get info to help my Veteran friend or family member?”
It is really important that you take a little time to learn what our Veterans may be going through. You don’t need much to really help them. Just read a small book or two.
Back when our Vietnam Vets came home there wasn’t any info available.
Even now most info out there is written for doctors and psychiatrists and is not easy to understand by the average person.

Over the years I had to dig in and do a ton of research. I had to write my own book!
cover Warzone PTSD

“The Warzone PTSD Survivors Guide”
(3rd Edition)
by ME:-)
I wrote it with all of us in mind. Like I said most of the stuff out there is written by people that were not in a warzone. Actually they hadn’t even been in the Military at all!!!
As a 100% disabled Vietnam Vet, with Multiple Purple Hearts, I have:

“I’ve Been There/Done That”!!!
 To order a copy:
(*Unmitigated Self Promotion)
*If you come to one of my book signings I tend to give a lot of copies away! Vets Helping Vets!

The book contains important info, learned the hard way, by myself and my family. The learning developed over a 45 year struggle with my own personal demons:

  • PTSD
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (Yes I have that as well)
  • Anger Management
  • Road Rage
  • Substance Abuse (Drug & Alcohol)
  • Navigating the Veterans Administration
  • Struggling to get my VA Benefits

I have learned from my association & interaction with thousands of other vets over the years.
We helped each other with:

  • Diabetes & Peripheral Neuropathy from Agent Orange
  • Military Sexual Trauma: both Male & Female
  • Family PTSD: This is when both husband & wife were in a war zone. This can get complicated.
  • Prior PTSD: Childhood Sexual Trauma, Car Crash Trauma, etc. Add this to additional Warzone PTSD and it layers up.
    (There are many combinations that can cause this condition called “Complex PTSD”)

Further Study: I learned from my 45 year marriage to Ginger (married on my R&R Leave from Vietnam). At times she was my nurse and helper. The marriage had many ups and downs as most do.
However these ups & downs were massively exacerbated by what War & PTSD threw into the mix. She developed
“PTSD by Contact”.
We were the research Guinea Pigs for the writing of this book and our future work with veterans! We are best friends and have been through a lot together!

Humor is an important RX for trauma: I didn’t want to write a heavy tome and did many rewrites to make the reading fun and easy.

Nutrition and healing with All Natural Super Foods: Why are there more editions of my book? I continue to learn many new things. I am studying Cutting Edge ways to get us off all the drugs the VA likes to load us up with. This Blog Site that you are on has a number of important articles I wrote on healing without drugs. You will find great info in them  from my friends and associates such as:

  • Dr Chris Morris – World Renowned Naturopathic doctor
  • Dr Barry Sears – Author of The Zone Diet (Omega 3 Fish Oil Proponent)
  • Dr Michael Lewis (Pentagon): Col (ret) West Point Grad & Author (Omega 3 Protocol)

I will be adding these informative Health Articles to my 3rd Edition sometime early in 2016 but you can get all the info here on this blog. Check back as I am constantly adding articles on many topics important to our vets.

You can also learn more to help our veterans through my website: WWW.PTSDHotline.Com
Email me your questions: DonP@PTSDHotline.Com

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