Navy Seals and a Ketogenic Diet Part 1



Navy Seal Training

Through my research I have found some incredible help for PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury, Diabetes, Inflammation and many other health issues that plague our vets.
This came from a really unexpected source: The Department of Defence, DARPA, and Navy Seal Training.
They have been studying and using a ketogenic diet on Navy Seals to help them stop seizures caused by deep dives. They also had cognition issues during the dives plus inflammation issues, and much more. There main impetus for the research was directed toward seizures.

Ketogenic Diet:
Many people will say “Oh My God you’re talking Atkins aren’t you?” Well this may surprise many of you but the latest science and research is proving that a lot of what Dr Atkins taught had some real merit. It was before its time so like anything early that goes against the established guidelines, it didn’t have the weight of Human Trials and research behind it.
It sat in the limboland of a fad because companies that made fortunes from Low Fat Products could afford extremely large advertising budgets.

Ancient History:
Atkins research did however have hundreds of thousands, actually millions, of years of history to draw from. The word Paleo is popping up a lot these days as in the Paleo Diet. The Paleolithic period started roughly 2.6 million years ago.
Humans subsisted mainly on fat. In some cultures the meatier portions of the carcass were mainly thrown to the dogs. Fat was lovingly stored in specially hand crafted wood boxes. Certain types of fat could be stored this way for a year or more.
Inuits even make a dessert from blubber much like ice cream. YUMMMMM!

It has been an extremely short time in our history that carbohydrates have become central to what is now called a well balanced diet with carbs winning out the largest portion over the past 40 or 50 years.
That was right about the time America turned into a bunch of Obese Diabetic Zombies.
I know it happened to me. Even with my early background with health and nutrition I got sucked right into it. I gained an extra 60 pounds.

Our Fast Food Nation fell in love with the term Super Size Me!!!

Look at the lines at any buffet restaurant. You can’t miss the big butts. The entry lines and the mile long troughs are the only place the regulars get any exercise at all.

Many of them spend four and five hours a day at these Carbohydrate Kingdoms.

A Picture Tells  a Thousand Pounds!!!
With the recommendations by our governments Balanced Diet info we didn’t stand a chance. Look at this Haunted House recommendation below. Talk about ghost stories at night!:

balanced diet

My God check it out. Talk about Ass Backward. Fats are combined with Sugars in the smallest section. Sugar is pure poison to our bodies.
Sugar is more addictive than heroin and cocaine and the research shows that is as bad or maybe even worse.
So that means when you take away the sugar from that picture above that most important section becomes miniscule to the others. Look at the size of the carbs section. Once you do a little research with me, in the right places, you will easily see that this is a prescription for disaster.

Note: You will find a ton of resistance to this research. No one is going to say “Woops Did We Do That?” Especially with our government’s support of this bad science do you think anyone will step up and apologize? Not a chance!!!

Adding to this misinformation is the $millions$ in the coffers of the Fat Free Products lobbies that will fight this info to the bitter end. Same with the companies that manufacture sugar. Simply read the labels on Fat Free Products and you will see that they all add tons of sugar and chemicals to make up for the taste and texture that is lost when the fat is removed.


That looks to me like 12 carbs for one serving (2Tbsp). I don’t know anyone that stops at one serving of any of the low fat products. 2 tbsp of anything is tiny.
If you were to measure how much the average person would dump on their salad you would realize that just that one salad would be well over 1/2 of the carbs for a dailey Ketogenic lifestyle. Read the first few ingredients. Let’s not even talk about the other stuff in it.

It’s almost Thanksgiving. Here is a really scary one:

Cranberry Sauce

When Ginger & I decided to live this lifestyle we went through our cupboards and refrigerator and boxed anything with more than 2 carbs per serving. It was a mind blower to say the least.
We try to stay under 30 g of carbs per day.

Back to the Balanced Diet:
We are not all the same but they still gave us all what they call a Balanced Diet for
All People – Everywhere. I say; “Balanced for Who??? None of us are the same. That may be balanced for 10% of the population. No wonder over 90% of us got so fat and diabetes became an epidemic!

Early research by some smart doctors  gave us things like the Atkins Diet and many others have researched the Mediterranean and Paleo Diets.
The mistake was in the nomenclature. Diet should not have been in the heading. That restricted the thought processes of far too many people to place all this research into a box.

Everyone on Atkins were strictly using it for weight loss. Weight loss is just a pleasant byproduct of a low carbohydrate LIFESTYLE.

Example: The Navy didn’t need to have their Navy Seals lose weight. Those people were rock solid athletes already. They were having seizures and physical problems from deep dives.

This led to much more research on other benefits of a Low Carb Lifestyle.

Many thousands of doctors and researchers are now finding much more of value in following a High Fat/Low Carb Diet.

  • Diabetes Remission within Days or Weeks
  • Improvement in Blood Pressure
  • Improvements in LDL & HDL Cholesterol
  • Improvement in Triglyceride/HDL Ratio (extremely important for heart health)
  • Rapid Improvement with Inflammation which causes many Pain Issues
  • Fast Healthy Weight Loss



Here is some really interesting info from the doctor that was brought in by DARPA to work with the Navy. The American Balanced Diet that was supposed to be good for everyone across the board was not proving good for our soldiers and fighting men. Kind of tells you where our government’s interests lay! We could eat to become obese and diabetic but not healthy enough to go to war.

Dr. Dominic D’Agostino, PhD (pictured above) is an assistant professor at the University of South Florida College of Medicine.
He teaches courses in molecular pharmacology and physiology, and maintains involvement in several studies researching metabolic treatments for neurological disorders such as seizures, Alzheimer’s, ALS, and cancer—all of which are metabolically linked.
His entry into this field began when, in 2007, the Office of Naval Research funded his study into seizures related to oxygen toxicity experienced by Navy SEAL divers using closed-circuit breathing apparatus. At this juncture, he came across the ketogenic diet, which has already been confirmed as an effective treatment for epilepsy and a variety of seizure disorders.
He is now studying how this same ketogenic diet and the use of ketones can be used to enhance physical and mental performance.
This is an earlier  Podcast with Dr Dom. This is a long podcast but well worth it: A lot has been added to all of our knowledge base since then. There was almost no place to buy the type of formulation he talks about however there recently is. I have it and Ginger and I love using it. Yes we are happily losing weight but that is not only what we were looking for. It just automatically happens when you are burning fat for energy. We haven’t felt this good since we were teenagers and I am 70:

Stay tuned for more as I research and live this Ketogenic Lifestyle

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