Part 3 What We can do to bring our Physical and Mental Health Back To Earth.

We all know about the need for exercise. I won’t go into that here. I will save that for my series coming up on Blue Zones where I will talk about fun ways to eliminate the word Exercise. That word scares most of us into hiding on the couch with a TV remote control in our hand as a Security Blanket.
This series is about Preventative Medicine and how Big Pharma wiped the term right out of the United States Medical Practice Lexicon.
Why did they do that? Let’s boil it all the way down to a simple sentence.
“A healthy, pain-free Population does not buy drugs!!!”
Why do I use the U.S. as a bad example? We always want to be first. Everything in the U.S. happens very quickly.
Here “More Is Better” has taken on a life of its own. The U.S. is the worst offender but the rest of the world is catching up. You can buy our favorite Fast Food Cholesterol Bombs in a Bun now all over the world. Don’t forget to Super Size it!!!
We are trying to spread Democracy but we are doing a much better job at spreading Wastelines and man-made illness!!!
Why should anyone listen to me? Quick Outline:
Forty years ago my family, Ginger and I became friends with Harvey Diamond who wrote the Best Selling Health Books of all time “Fit For Life”.
My sister and mom worked with Harvey putting on health seminars all over California.
This was the beginning of my understanding of the ever-widening gulf between Big Pharma and Preventative Medicine which is still practiced in Oriental Cultures and somewhat in Europe.
I learned that here in the U.S. people wait for something to go wrong and then run to their doctor to get prescriptions for the latest and greatest drugs.
“If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It!” This is a very stupid statement when it comes to our body and brain. Sadly American’s like to use that statement a lot.
Over the last forty years, I have watched Veterans like myself become drug dependent zombies by well-meaning VA doctors that were being fed bad medical practices by the ever-growing influence of the Pharmaceutical Industry.
I wrote in my book; “The Warzone PTSD Survivors Guide” that the VA thought that PTSD stood for “Please Take Some Drugs”! That may give some a chuckle but I am dead serious about this.
Over the years I also watched the FDA fall more and more under their influence.
Many people don’t realize this: The FDA does not have to prove that something works. They just have to prove that it won’t kill us and they are failing badly.
How many lawsuits do we need to hear about against the Drug Companies for this drug or that?  Remember these drugs passed the FDA’s purview and scrutiny. The FDA OKed them.
Over the past twenty years, I have done tons of research in order to write my books and to try to help myself and as many veterans as I can.
I have met many other authors and researchers like Dr. Lisa Nejavits that wrote “Seeking Safety” that is used in many VA Hospitals.
Another is Col. (Ret), Dr. Mike Lewis who ran the Clinics at the Pentagon. More about Mike in Part 4.
In my quest to find things that actually healed people I became friends with the doctors and researchers that were the heads of surprisingly a number of MLM Companies.
I can hear it now!!! “Oh No! Did he really say MLM?” Many people faint and fall on the floor when they hear MLM. Hang in there and I will explain something many don’t realize about them.
First I am not telling anyone to join an MLM. Because of the fantastic products, I have found being sold by MLM’s I buy from a number of them. I have for years and will continue to do so. I don’t need to join their business to buy from them.
Are MLM products expensive?  They can be but more and more they are becoming very competitive. The way I look at it if I can’t get a particularly unique healing substance anywhere else on the planet,  how important is Ginger’s and my health to us. Plus if their product is extremely important to us like CBD Oil, for instance, I’ll spread the word enough for us to get ours for free😊

Why do MLM’s find products that heal and are so great?
The Drug Companies want nothing to do with Preventative Medicine. Why would they ever want to heal anyone and turn them into an ex-customer?
The MLM Companies were the only outfits with money for research. They have spent many millions searching the world for Age old Superfoods and Healing Salves, All-Natural Cleaning Products, etc.
Unlike drugs, these products are very valuable for Preventative Medicine. Many of the one’s Ginger and I use we will continue to use for the rest of our lives.
Big Pharma’s Drugs, on the other hand, you must get off of as quickly as possible unless you don’t care about your liver and kidneys.
Without great products that actually worked, these MLM companies couldn’t exist.
What feedback you hear most about MLM’s is; “I hate those MLM companies, but I loved such and such’s MLM’s soap.” “Those MLM’ers drive me crazy but they had this skin cream that was soooo good!”
After all these years, I have never heard anyone badmouth any of their products. Their
Biz Plan? Now that is another story. Too many people go into them with no business experience. They would probably have failed at any type of business but it is easy to blame MLM.
The first MLM company I ran into all the way back in 1993, was run by those Aloe Vera guys from Carrington Labs that had worked with our government during WWII.
Once they were able to stabilize the mannans in the Aloe Vera, allowing a shelf life, they formulated some really great products.
They wanted to get it out to the masses and the best way they could find was the MLM Model or Word Of Mouth marketing.
Big Pharma went ballistic.They started the Sugar Pill campaign I mentioned earlier that nearly put the company under.
This company is going strong twenty-four years later. Why? Many thousands of people had real results with their products. Big Pharma, no matter how hard they tried, couldn’t stifle real results.
As I said my mom at 94 uses these products every day as does many others I know.
Another Dr. buddy of mine formulated a product using Young Tissue Extract (YTE). He formed an MLM Company. As I described earlier in these reports his product saved my wife’s life from colitis.
Another person I got to know formed a very large MLM company. One of his products is a Pain Relieving Power Strip with technology and all natural substances that have helped hundreds of people I know and many thousands of others around the world.
I am saying all of this because I want you to open your mind to the fact that there is real help out there.
Hundreds of Thousands of people are using these products from those Blankety Blank MLM’s. If they didn’t work and actually HEAL people those companies would not exist!!! They all work on Word Of Mouth.
These products are all natural. They do not have Side Effects. They work!!!
Do the drugs from Big Pharma have Side Effects? Listen to their commercials!

 Histories Healing Herbs and Plants:
As I explained earlier in these reports many of the existing healing plants and herbs are being reimagined. What I mean by that is that they are being brought back under the microscopes in the labs of chemists, researchers, and technicians.
With new techniques in harvesting, stabilization, and bottling that I mentioned earlier in these reports, these ancient healers are being dramatically improved. I have continued to search for better and better ones.

Next Part 4: CBD Oil and the reemergence of the Amazing Hemp Plant.

You do not want to miss this report!








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