Part 5. How Corporate Greed Stole Hemp from all of us.

Here is the Wrap Up to my five-piece set of articles

How did William Randolph Hearst rip us all off!!!
How did that set Health Care back another eighty years!!!

Part 5 Hemp and Preventative Medicine
The Miricle Plant that was Stolin From Us by Corporate Greed

Corporate Greed is an ugly subject so let me start with some info that will give you hope.
Let’s start with some Good News:
Can we get our health back? YES!!!
Can we renew our bodies?    Yes!!!

Excerpt from From Harvey Diamond’s “Eat For Life”
Literally, billions of cells in the body die off every day and are replaced at the impressive rate of around 200 million every minute!
Guess what the building blocks are for those new cells? I can tell you they are not being built from good intentions! They are being built from the food taken into the body.
End of Excerpt

Let me add to the above Live Food (uncooked), Super Foods like Food Based vitamins, Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar (my favorite ACV), and CBD Oil from hemp to that equation. There are many more. Some others I added in Part 4 of this series of articles.

Live Food:
How important is this?

Pottenger’s Cats
Excerpt from Harvey Diamonds Book: “Eat For Life”:
From 1932 to 1942, Dr. Francis Pottenger carried out a meticulous, thorough, ten-year experiment using 900 cats placed on controlled diets.
Only two items of food, meat, and milk, were used and were given either in their raw or cooked state. The results were so overwhelmingly conclusive and convincing that there can be no doubt whatsoever of living, uncooked food’s superiority overcooked food. The cats fed only the raw food produced healthy kittens year after year.
There was no ill health, no disease, and no premature death. Death came to those cats only as the natural consequence of old age.
However, the cats fed on the same food, cooked, developed every one of humanity’s modern ailments—heart disease, cancer, kidney and thyroid disease, pneumonia, paralysis, loss of teeth, arthritis, difficulty in labor, diminished sexual interest, diarrhea, irritability so intense that the cats were dangerous to handle, liver impairment, and osteoporosis.
The excrement from these cats was so toxic that weeds refused to grow in the soil fertilized with it, whereas weeds proliferated in the stools from the cats fed the living, uncooked food. Here is the clincher:
The first generation of kittens born to the group of cats who were fed only cooked food was sick and abnormal. The second generation was often born diseased or dead. By the third generation, the mothers were sterile. Dr. Pottenger conducted similar tests on white mice, and the results coincided exactly with those of the tests run on cats.
End of excerpt.

Harvey espouses Live Food. Live food such as uncooked fruits and vegetables has all the energy inside to heal and feed our brains and bodies all the way down to the cellular level.
Cooking food kills the lifeforce in them.
How long does that energy last?
They have found uncooked seeds in the Pyramids that are thousands of years old. Those seeds were planted as an experiment and guess what? They grew into trees and plants!
If they had been cooked in any way they would not have because they would have been dead!!!
Does Freezing Kill Food? No!
Freezing fruit and vegetables is fine and can even preserve it with all its energy intact including its enzymes.
If you follow this information you will replace the dead cells in your body, (200 million every minute), with Live Vibrant New Living Cells! Actual healthy cells.
This is called Renewal. That is a very important word. We can now renew our whole body and brain inside and out including the largest organ we have. Our Skin!
Make no mistake. This is real Renewal of the Cells and all the way up to the nails on our fingertips and the hair on our heads.
This is exciting information that has been shoved into a dark corner by Big Pharma over the last 100 years.
Big Pharma wants nothing to do with Preventative Medicine!!!
I have said this before in these five articles and I will say it again.

“There is no money or profit in a Healthy Population!!!”
Who Would Buy Their Toxic Drugs???

 How and why did our Government, with the help of Big Pharma, Play Havoc with Preventative Medicine?
How did Corporate Greed push our Government in this direction?
Let me use Hemp as an example. Why all the talk about Hemp now?
Because Hemp has made a giant resurgence. It is being talked about everywhere. You cannot remove something this important from us forever.
If Hemp and its CBD Oil were of no value they would have disappeared from our conversation forever after our government Blackballed it.

The importance of and the History of Hemp: (with excerpts from my research)
Hemp is one of the first cultivated crops known to man. Hemp was also a staple in early America.
In approximately 150 BC, they produced the world’s first paper, completely from hemp.  Sailing ships became dependent on Canvas (from the word cannabis), hemp rope and oakum due to it being three times stronger than Cotton and resistant to salt water.

Soldiers even hid behind Hemp Bales in this important battle:
The Battle of Lexington, Missouri, fought on September 18-20, 1861, was a victory for the Missouri State Guard (MSG) in the early stages of the Civil War. In the short term, the victory boosted the spirits of Missouri secessionists, but the State Guard failed to leverage any long-term gains from the “Battle of the Hemp Bales,” so called because the MSG used hemp bales to encircle the federal position at Lexington.

As was mentioned that even Henry Ford used hemp to make the bodies of his earliest cars.
That is until hemp was ripped from us and criminalized by the American government about eighty years ago.
Why? Keep reading…………..

One of the oldest plants to be cultivated by human civilizations, hemp is a sustainable extremely fast growing crop used for food, oil, and fiber and was instrumental in building our nation.
At one time hemp was even used as currency and farmers were legally ordered to grow it by the same government that later outlawed it.
Hemp with its CBD Oil, and Preventative Medicine:
Hemp was an important part of our diet and also an important part of Preventative Medicine that has all but disappeared in the US over the past eighty years.
Our brain and bodies and their cannabinoid receptors relied heavily on the CBD Oil that was in the hemp in our diets.
Most of the modern diseases are connected with an extreme reaction of our organisms. Let’s mention a few of them. Allergy, asthma, psoriasis, epilepsy, migraine, stress, all these are caused by an overreaction of our body.
And since CBD helps our organism calm down it works as prevention against many of civilizations diseases. In other words, CBD protects our organisms, nervous and Immune Systems from an overreaction.

Over the past eighty+ years, there has been a drastic rise in many common diseases.
Could the Massive Rise in diabetes, fibromyalgia, joint pain, inflammation, and even dementia and Alzheimer’s be related to our diet? Should I say the lack of quality nutrition in our diets?
Our move away from local farms, and into cities and the practice of over-farming depleting the earth of its nutrients, and government restrictions, have stripped our food of much of the nutrition our bodies became dependant upon for tens of thousands of years.
Spraying our crops with all types of poisons and insecticides sure didn’t help.
Of course, Roundup and GMO seeds have added to the growth of illness in America.
Don’t take my word for this. There are thousands of articles and books backing this up.
Our government taking things like hemp and its CBD Oil from our diets added to this growing situation.
Preservatives, chemical processing and then cooking the life out of our foods sealed the deal on the giant rise of illnesses in our country. Actually the whole world but I live here so I am using the U.S. in my articles.

Let’s take a quick step back to be sure we understand what has happened to our diet and our food.
What has been taken away from us due to Government meddling, over processing our foods and more? We have lost many of the building blocks of good health.
Taking hemp away from us was just another nail in our coffins. A very big nail to the tune of billions of dollars. Actually, that should be considered Grand Theft!!!
Big Pharma then was able to sell us boatloads of insulin and millions of pretty colored pills.
Could Big Pharma have realized that removing the CBD Oil from our bodies would cause all this?
That seems pretty farfetched but let’s just say that they are the luckiest industry on our planet. They jumped right in. They were very fast to develop Designer Drugs for all the symptoms like dripping noses, coughs and rashes that escalated from our lack of quality foods and nutrition.
You can bet that they now know full well that this is what is happening.
If you were the owner of a vault full of Pharmaceutical Stock Certificates and didn’t care about your fellow man’s runny nose would you want to let people know about things like CBD Oil???

So how did Big Pharma get so lucky and why was Hemp taken away from us after it was so important for so many thousands of years?
The reason is simple and very ugly. Hemp was ripped from us for Pure Corporate Greed!
As you will read that in the first place, it wasn’t even the Pharmaceutical Companies idea.

So Where, When, and Why?
It turns out two Corporate Titans were the main culprits:
William Randolph Hearst and the Dupont Family had enough power over our government to do anything they wanted.
This below is widely written about. You can find it all over the internet.

Excerpt from my research:
“Hearst, with enormous holdings in timber acreage and investments in paper manufacturing, “stood to lose billions of dollars and perhaps go bankrupt because of hemp.”
Meanwhile, DuPont in 1937 had just patented nylon and “a new sulfate/sulfite process for making paper from wood pulp” — so “if hemp had not been made illegal, 80 percent of DuPont’s business would never have materialized.”
End of excerpt.

Manufacturing Paper: Hemp vs Timber
I have read many articles on Hemp vs Timber for the paper. I came out of that research believing that hemp has a step up on timber.
I also came to believe that hemp was taken out of the equation due to the above conspiracy for the past eighty years so hemp has not had the same upgrades in harvesting that timber has had. I believe that now that the restriction has been lifted new harvesting techniques will push hemp far ahead of timber in paper production.
The Giants of Industry above had huge muscle power so it was easy to Arm Wrestle our government into removing hemp as competition.

What did we lose?
Health and Nutrition:

Wood: Unless you are a beaver or a termite I don’t see any benefit in chewing on a log.

Hemp has it all over timber:

Hemp seed is 35% essential fatty acid (Omega 3, 6, 9 and GLA)
Hemp seed is 33% protein
Contains all 9 essential amino acids
Contains 6.2 x more Omega-3 than raw tuna
Contains an abundant source of GLA
Rich in trace minerals
High in dietary fiber

Due to my work with veterans, I am extremely excited about #1 above.
As most of you know I have PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)!
Over the years I have developed myself into a good researcher to not only write my books to help as many vets as possible but to help myself and my wife with our own health issues both mental and physical.

This research brought me into contact with a number of incredibly awesome Doctors that would rather heal us than just grab a prescription pad and push drugs.
Sorry but I use the words Push Drugs on purpose!!!
One of the doctors, as I wrote in these articles earlier, healed my wife Ginger of her Colitis with an all natural superfood that renews our bodies from the cells up. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Morris, and I still have vet friends that no longer shoot insulin for diabetes by taking his product stemFit Active daily.

Earlier in these reports, I wrote about Colonel (Ret) Dr. Mike Lewis. He ran the clinics at the Pentagon before retiring and founding the Brain Health Education and Research Institute, Inc.
His Protocol using High Dose Fatty Acids (Omega 3) from fish oil helped thousands of vets like me with PTSD, TBI, and Suicidal Thoughts.
After I found CBD Oil I discovered that it is loaded with Omega 3, 6, 9 and GLA or(Gamma-linolenic acid). The GLA in certain plants was used for centuries by Native Americans for inflammation and swelling. They learned that by eating these plants certain pains went away.
As I have stated throughout these articles the best and finest medicines on this planet have been being used for thousands of years.
Because of the Omega 3, 6, 9, and CLA in CBD Oil, I reached out to Mike to ask his opinion on CBD and he responded right away.
He not only uses CBD Oil Personally every day but so does most of his patients.
I email him a few days ago and asked him if CBD Oil had superseded Fish Oil for him.
He sent this yesterday:
From Dr. Mike. “What patients often tell me is: the fish oil is good, but the CBD is life changing.”

Common sense told me: If one is good than both together is great.  We take both with CBD Oil being the most important to us now.
Hemp with its CBD Oil is now Roaring back into our conversations due to its many huge health benefits and so much more.
CBD Oil, which is extracted from the hemp plant,  has gone viral with very good reason.
As you can see by the Testimonials at the end of Part 4 in this series CBD Oil is helping people with so many types of illness both Mental and Physical.
What is exciting is what it is also doing for our kids and even our pets!
We started putting CBD Oil on one of our dogs two-morning Puperoni Treats.
We started noticing that he went to the one with the CBD Oil first. Animals have built-in health smarts that we humans have stopped acting upon.
Our dog has become much happier and friskier thanks to CBD Oil.

Preventative Medicine and the Wrapup to this series of Five Articles:
Once pharmaceuticals became the Main Stream of medicine in the US people stopped going to the doctors for things like regular checkups.
Plus Nutrition was way too slow a healing process.
They no longer worried until they felt a pain, cough or rash. The doctors now had a huge Prescription Pad and like magic, the pain was gone, the nose dried up and the rash disappeared.
Their drugs worked extremely fast and they had a drug for everything.
Everyone along with their kids could gobble Fast Food and no longer worried about things like exercise.
Obesity is running rampant.
Our nation is now sicker than ever and there is no drug that can reverse this.
Drugs do not heal what caused the pain. They hide it and shove it back into our subconscious where we don’t feel the pain The cause of the pain can then fester for years and come back later along with some of the other things that the drugs hid.
They can come back together and then the doctor looks at the combo of issues and calls it a syndrome:
a group of symptoms that consistently occur together or a condition characterized by a set of associated symptoms.

The Good News:
Healing Substances that have been around for tens of thousands of years are now being reimagined through Cutting Edge harvesting, stabilization, and bottling to preserve their healing properties. They worked before but now they are proving to work just as fast, if not faster, than the drugs that don’t actually heal anything.
Stabilized Aloe Vera allows people like my mom to walk miles at 94 years old.
The stemFit Active that healed my wife’s colitis worked within days. It keeps Veteran friends of mine from shooting insulin for their diabetes.
CBD Oil works for a lot of pain issues in minutes.
Read the CBD Oil Testimonials in Part 4 of these articles to see what it is doing for so many of today’s health issues.
They actually reverse many of the causes of the problem not just mask it the way drugs do.
These are non-toxic and improve our health from the Mitochondrial insides of our cells and up from the soles of our feet to the top of our heads.
Drugs destroy our liver and kidneys. These all-natural substances give them life.
What does that mean for Preventative Medicine?
Don’t wait until something goes wrong. Take these types of healing substances every day so that nothing will go wrong in the first place!!!
I will constantly be researching and digging for any and all newly rediscovered Superfoods as they become available.

Stay plugged into my blogs and Facebook posts.
You can always call me or email me at:
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I am extremely happy with the CBD Oil my wife and I take every day. Here is a link on how to get some to try:

Note: All CBD Oil has a tiny trace of THC. It is important to consult your company on its drug testing policies.
Even Poppy Seeds in food can cause issues with some overly stringent tests that may occur at some testing facilities.

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