Really Mad at Monsanto Article Agent Orange/GMO’s

Can Any Vet Say Agent Orange?
Monsanto is at it again!!!

The way it is going we had all better learn to speak “OINKish”!!!

Be Forewarned! This article has a lot of anger in it. Many of my friends are either now sick or are dead from Agent Orange due to these monsters. Why do I call them monsters? It is because many people working there know full well what they are causing and they do it anyway for the sake of their Stockholders and the Almighty Dollar. As you will read below It makes total cents. Lots of them. In their case, it is pennies from heaven. They spray dioxin from the sky.
If you want to be blown away read this:
Hopefully, you have read some of my articles on this Blog Site pertaining to just how anemic our American Diet is and why it is so important to find Super-foods to augment our chances to lead a long healthy life.

Well, Monsanto is still at it. And it is getting worse!!! This time it is GMO’s!!! Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) are ruining our food chain. Do some research as I do. Just a few Google Searches. Try this search: “GMO’s and bees”  It should make you cry!

Dead bees

What is killing our bee’s???
Better Question:
Who is killing our bee’s?

First Things First:
First let’s talk about what crimes against man, animals, insects, and birds they have already committed!
As veterans we all know the horrors of what Monsanto helped create and distribute around the world. Yes I am talking about Agent Orange.
Our government helped them hide just how disastrous AO has been to the future of our planet. After all they didn’t do anything wrong. They were simply protecting our soldiers by spraying this poison only and exclusively on our enemies in a far off land, RIGHT? Wrong!!!
They must have had some super duper sprayers available. None of our side was supposed to get any on them!
How about the poor bastards that worked in the labs and facilities that made this crap.

Read anything from Monsanto’s website if you want a laugh! It would be funny as they sound just like Steve Urkel; “Did I do That???????” It would be comical if it wasn’t so horrible! I am not just talking about the babies being born today in Vietnam with horrible birth defects. Well they are Vietnamese so I guess they must be enemies as well.

It wasn’t just sprayed on our enemies but our GI’s got soaked with it as well.

How about the thousands of Air Force and navy personnel that didn’t even set foot in Vietnam but came into contact with AO through transporting it there. Guys and gals such as our GI’s working in ports like Okinawa are also not receiving any help because after all they did not have Boots Down in Nam. Many of our Navy Veterans just love being called Blue Water Vets. That is another of the Catch 22 ripoffs that our vets are subjected to.It means they supposedly not come ashore.

Here is the last paragraph in an article from VA.Gov. The article relates to the VA not giving benefits if they did not roll around in the contaminated jungle:

Exception: Blue Water Veterans with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma may be granted service-connection without showing inland waterway service or that they set foot in Vietnam. This is because VA also recognizes non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma as related to service in Vietnam or the waters offshore of Vietnam during the Vietnam Era. –
See more at:
Wow! Read the whole article. So in other words if you have Diabetes, Peripheral Neuropathy, Lung disease, etc., you could not have come into contact with AO. However if you happen to have non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma somehow AO sought you out but not the other guys. Now that makes cents. (Not a misspelling) Must be those super smart sprayers again. That is like some of the bullets in SfiFy movies. The spray curves around. “No not that guy, OK That one over there, Spray Him!!!”

Watch Out! Here come The GMO’s!!!

If you have a strong stomach & a BS meter go to Monsanto’s website and have fun. I read it as I would the Sunday Funnies!


Of course as these photos show this is not funny at all!!!

GMO Basic Definition:
A genetically modified organism (GMO), also known as a transgenic organism, is any organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques.GMOs are the source of genetically modified foods and are also widely used in scientific research and to produce goods other than food.

Here is some info from Food & Water Watch:
This paragraph below is really upsetting to me as we eat salmon at least twice per week at home.

Genetic engineering modifies the DNA of crops to display specific traits, such as a resistance to pesticides and herbicides. Genetically engineered (GE) crops are often also referred to as genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or biotech crops. In recent years, the Food and Drug Administration began paving the way for approval of GM animals, such as salmon. The first genetically modified animal approved for human consumption, supporters of GM salmon claim it grows at twice the normal rate. The approval of GM salmon could open the floodgates for GM cows and pigs, which biotech companies are waiting in the wings to finally commercialize after years of research and development.
Well on the surface this doesn’t sound so bad. Does IT? OK let’s dig in:

From Institute for Responsible Technology
10 Reasons to Avoid GMO’s

Note: This is good but long so here is a little with a link to whole article:

Article contains Topics such as:

  1. GMOs are unhealthy.
  2. GMOs contaminate―forever.
  3. GMOs increase herbicide use.
  4. Genetic engineering creates dangerous side effects.
  5. Government oversight is dangerously lax.
  6. The biotech industry uses “tobacco science” to claim product safety.
  7. Independent research and reporting is attacked and suppressed.
  8. GMOs harm the environment.
  9. GMOs do not increase yields, and work against feeding a hungry world.
  10. By avoiding GMOs, you contribute to the coming tipping point of consumer  rejection, forcing them out of our food supply.

Just reading the topics above should be enough. Here is full article:


Just what is wrong with Monsanto?
Why does the name AntiChrist keeping popping into my mind?


Go to this Link and help!!! 

How can one company be at the root of so many horrible things. Here’s just two of them. My God.
Just mentioning these two names in any group of people and you will get a heated conversation boiling over the top:

Agent Orange!
Genetically Modified Organisms!!!!!!!

These things are destroying our planet one species at a time. Actually they destroy dozens and more at a time.
What the hell else does Monsanto have up their sleeves.

Here is the short list of what just these two are attacking.

  • Humans are being destroyed one organ at a time: Diabetes, Peripheral Neuropathy, Lung Disease, Several types of Cancers and more
  • Next Generation: Birth Defects for years
  • Our Food Chain
  • Bee’s: What is going to pollinate our planet
  • Birds
  • Our water supply
  • All Living Things

There is more but I think that is enough

What can we do? Here is a start:

This is exactly why Ginger and I are working with World Renowned Doctors to find all natural Superfoods  to give us a chance. Let’s talk about it:

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