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We as veterans complicate our health and mental issues with PTSD, TBI, depression due to MST (Military Sexual Trauma), even diabetes due to Agent Orange by allowing our bodies to become out of whack through poor diet and bad habits. I have done this for years so I know first hand how this magnifies the problems we have. Through my research, I have found things that have helped me in so many ways. As I learn of the latest breakthroughs I will pass them on to you. This article is about easy ways to put back what we are not getting from our diets and fast-paced lifestyles.

Update Dec. 30 2017
Through recent research, I have found an amazing product that was taken from us 80 years ago.

It is an oil extract from the Hemp Plant called CBD Oil. I will be writing articles about this fantastic oil that heals us at the cellular level. Watch for these articles starting right after New Years 2018. Below in this article, I write about a product that cured my wife of colitis. The CBD Oil is the next step up in amazing Super Foods and what the smart doctors now call Renewal. We lose millions of cells a minute. Learn how to replace them  every minute with Renewed Super Healthy cells.

Stem Cells:
Many people hear the term Stem Cells and they go all “Big Brother and 666 tattooed children” on us.
This is just Dark Age style thinking rearing its ugly head.
A friend of ours, Dr. Chris Morris, has formulated a nutraceutical combo of Super Foods that works at the cellular level to fire up our bodies own Stem Cells. This causes incredible things to happen in our bodies immune system and the term growth factor is something you will hear more and more about.

Growth Factor Technology (GFT) is exactly where all the cutting edge research is going. Our bodies are the finest healing facility ever constructed and designed to heal itself of everything when the Right Stuff is added.

Here is an article by Chris and his company Wellmed Global. It is long so read it at your own pace. It is well worth wading through the whole article several times to find out what is going on in the exciting world of stem cell research and the life-changing products that are now available to us.

Contact me to find out where I get it wholesale: DonP@PTSDHotline.Com

In the article below watch for important info such as: Turn off chronic inflammation to prevent chronic degenerative disease.
If you have read any of my articles on inflammation then you know just how much trouble inflammation causes us. It is the nasty culprit in most pain issues.

StemFit Active™ And The Stem Cell

stemFit 1   Our bodies are loaded with stem cells and as we age they lose their ability to regenerate and repair the tissue. The main reason is due to a breakdown in the signaling needed to activate these stem cells. The signaling that is diminished by environmental stressors, aging, and limited number of growth factors available. Therefore, the stem cells stay dormant in spite of their constant signaling for help sent out by your aging and damaged tissue.

The reprogramming of our stem cells and the regeneration of the body is enhanced with embryonic signal molecules found in stemFit Active™. The egg is essentially a stem cell before it is fertilized. Once fertilized, the stem cell releases signal molecules critical to the development of life. It’s the production of the stem cell released molecules that don’t require downstream solubilization, refolding, or other processes the body would need to synthesize for a similar response.

The correct control signals initiate the multiplication of reserve stem cells in the corresponding tissues.

All the ingredients introduced by stemFit Active™ work on multiple pathways simultaneously to re-activate the compromised communication affecting the system and organ functions of the body.

The short chains of amino acids found in stemFit Active™ are able to cross the digestive barrier without breaking down requiring only small amounts to produce a profound effect.9

As another example of stemFit Active’s™ therapeutic effect, the marine plant mineral complex is a natural occurring mixture of bone-building nutrients, containing calcium, magnesium and several other proven bone-supporting ingredients, such as boron, silicon, and strontium. A five-year study conducted by the Centre for Bone and Arthritis Research at the Sahlgrenska Academy’s

Institute of Medicine of University of Gothenburg in Sweden has clearly demonstrated that when it comes to protecting an athlete’s bones, some sports have an edge over others. And which are the superior sports? Turns out that load-bearing sports such as basketball, volleyball, jogging, and soccer come out with flying colors in reducing an athlete’s risk of developing osteoporosis later in life as long as bioavailable nutrient is available to initiate repair10.

From one individual cell to another, the healthy expression and right nutrients are needed to restore cellular damage and assure good health for the individual. The ingredients in stemFit Active™ are supportive and in alignment with how the body heals and repairs itself during its youth. Our body recognizes the living

ingredients as a dynamic synergy of information for conducting cellular defense, repair, growth, healing, and homeostasis.

StemFit Active™ Science -The Central Nervous System


The Central Nervous System (CNS) plays a major role in the control and regulation of most bodily functions, including awareness, movements, sensations, thoughts, speech, and memory. For the athlete it means coordination, reflexes and responsiveness. The CNS is at the top of the chain that directs and interfaces with all the other systems of the body. In 1962, it was discovered that neuro-stem cells reside in certain parts of the brain, where there is some form of malfunction or

trauma2. It was shown that Fibroblast Growth Factors (FGFs) and other signal molecules feed and nurture these neuro-stem cells to help the repair of these malfunctioning cells and any damaged tissue 3.

Research has also revealed clearly that cell cultures show a dramatic increase in peptide and amino acid uptake in the presence of these signal molecules4. This result gives credence to the understanding that CNS development is influenced by a very precise mechanism, which requires a unique set of signal molecules available from embryonic extracts and other sources of neuropeptides. These proteins direct the internal machinery within brain cells and the connective tissue between brain cells. They also can control the chemical reactions that allow brain cells to develop and communicate with each other.

A compelling argument was made for the use of FGFs, when the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine chose them as a treatment for degenerative neural diseases from a study they conducted in 2005. They used FGFs as a neurogenesis factor, and found that there was a fivefold increase and proliferation of neural stem cells5. Other studies have confirmed the use of FGFs for the neurogenesis of the Central Nervous System.

Neural stem cells (NSCs) are self-renewing, multipotent cells that

generate the main phenotype of the nervous system. Stem cells are characterized by their capability to differentiate into multiple cell types via exogenous stimuli from their environment, specifically FGFs. They undergo asymmetric cell division into two daughter cells, one non-specialized and one specialized. NSCs primarily

differentiate into neurons, astrocytes, and oligodendrocytesr1. Oligodendrocytes support the Myelin Sheath, implicated in Athletic Stress Related CNS breakdown.

This is why our scientists discovered that stemFit Active™ has such a positive influence on an athlete’s ability to stay focused, maintain concentration, coordination, and mental clarity by facilitating repair and function of damaged neurons, astrocytes, and oligodendrocytes.

StemFit Active™ Science – The Endocrine System

stemfit 6

From an endocrine perspective, we can determine the response to stress and stressful events by measuring an overproduction of stress hormones like: cortisol, aldosterone, and epinephrine. Psychological and physical stress tests have shown how our body responds to stressful events by an excessive release of these hormones, not to mention the cardiovascular response of an increase in heart rate and blood pressure. One of the mechanisms identified with the embryonic peptides contained in stemFit Active™ works by the elevation of 17-ketosteroid levels, which improves anabolism (buildup) through

increased synthesis of hormones like DHEA and testosterone and a decrease in cortisol (a catabolic breakdown hormone)6. stemFit Active™ is capable of lowering the body’s production of cortisol, by mediating the body’s response to stress.

Medical science has learned that prolonged cortisol secretion results in significant physiological changes such as:

  • Cortisol-induced collagen loss in the skin is ten times greater than in any other tissue. Cortisol breaks down the glue (collagen) that is holding our cells together. Stress and the excess cortisol that it produces are literally making us come unglued!
    Insulin resistance contributing to hyperglycemia, more commonly known as diabetes. The ingredients of stemFit Active™ balance the synthesis and release of insulin helping to regulate blood sugar.
  • Reduces bone formation, favoring the long-term development of osteoporosis by reducing calcium absorption in the intestines.
  • Damages cells in the hippocampus; this damage results in impaired learning and has been shown to inhibit memory retrieval of already stored information.
  • Suppression of the immune system increases susceptibility to infection (short term) and cancer (long term).
  • Accelerates weight gain, mood disorders (including depression), anxiety, insomnia and even fertility issues.

StemFit Active™ Science – The Immune System


Our Immune System, amongst many

other things is responsible for our defense from foreign invaders and is the vehicle

for wound healing and tissue repair. For the athlete it is about recovery from athletic trauma. For most of us, it’s the ability to fight off diseases like cold, influenza and a myriad of other conditions unique to our time.

The ingredients in stemFit Active™ help to initiate the following immune responses and more:8

  • Increase the number and activity of monocytes and macrophages, which have the ability to attract stem cells, which are particularly important in conditions characterized by persistent tissue wasting diseases, including skeletal muscle and myocardium.
  • Strengthen a sluggish system, enhancing the release of TNFa and cytokines. The ability to retard cell division critical to the prevention of cancer.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties to include but not limited to blocking the generation of histamine and bradykinin, and inhibit inflammatory eicosanoids.
  • Anti-microbial properties induced by the stimulation of macrophages to produce nitric oxide and cytokines to kill and degrade intracellular micro-oganisms. The ability to inhibit bacterial growth and viral replication (HIV and HSV-1) by the inhibition of the proper glycosylation of viral proteins and an increase in the production and function of cytotoxic T cells.
  • And function as an effective intracellular antioxidant and free radical scavenger.

StemFit Active™ Science – The Gene Expression


The nucleus contains the bulk of our DNA and is responsible for orchestrating cellular structure and function to enhance who we are by expressing the roadmap for healing and repair. It provides the blueprints for the protein sequencing and gene expression. The process is known as transcription of the genetic expression for the synthesis of proteins.

The epigenetic influence and signaling peptides found in stemFit Active’s™ embryonic extract can be utilized to deliver powerful signaling to turn on healthy genes and turn off damaging ones to experience results like:

  • Turn off chronic inflammation to prevent chronic degenerative disease.
  • Turn on melatonin production and restful sleep.
  • Turn on serotonin production to feel good.
  • Turn off the stress response before it damages our healthy cells

For more info on stemFit or anything else I write about contact me directly at: DonP@PTSDHotline.Com

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