Part 2: Stop Pain and Illness In You and Your Whole Family!!!

Part 2: What went wrong between Preventative Medicine and Big Pharma:

Some of the following paragraphs are copied from my research and written by others and will be in italics. Most of this article is in my own words.
 For many thousands of years all the way back to when human’s first stood up and started walking there was a Mother saying “Ahhh, Baby has a Boo-boo!”
That was the start of our search for fixing an ever-growing list of Boo-Boos.
I won’t go into too much history about the advent of Holistic Medicine.
Before anyone gets their feathers all plumped up about words like Holistic let’s take a look at all the name calling.
People that believe that doctors are all-knowing Gods are repelled by words like Holistic or Naturopathic.
People that hate Big Pharma and the doctors and hospitals that are controlled by them use words like Allopathic!
Here is a paragraph below that I find amazing! Read it carefully and think about the Drug Commercials on the radio and TV with longer and longer strings of side effects at the end.
Allopathic medicine is an expression commonly used by proponents of alternative medicine to refer to mainstream medicine’s use of pharmaceutical drugs or physical interventions to treat or suppress symptoms, diseases, or conditions. “Allo” comes from the ancient Greek word for “other,” thus implying that the treatments and drugs used in Western Medicine create symptoms “other” than those produced by the disease itself–what doctors like to call side effects.
You will soon be able to tell what side of the Grand Canyon of controversy I stand on.
Let me say first “Thank God for doctors.” We need ER Rooms and so much more but the Pharmaceutical Companies have dug a canyon so deep that it is almost impossible to get a bridge across.
Do you know how many drugs are marketed to help people suffering from conditions caused by other drugs? When I think about this I need a drug for the Hyperventilation I am now dealing with.
The horrible miss-combining of drugs is now a nightmare that most doctors can’t seem to get a grip on.
OK, Deep Breaths. Say OOOMMMMM. We will get to the good news soon. 

More History:
Paleopathology, a term given wide circulation by Sir Marc Armand Ruffer in the nineteenth century, is the study of the abnormalities which can be demonstrated in the human and animal remains of ancient times. Investigations of human remnants from historic periods have uncovered many disease entities, for instance, tuberculosis and parasitic infestation in the mummies of ancient Egypt, but what of the bony remains of humans from prehistory? Clear-cut abnormalities in their skeletons and teeth also testify to the prevalence of a number of pathologic conditions. In addition, some of the bone irregularities (decalcification, overgrowths, and thickenings) may represent secondary effects of general illnesses.
Witch Doctors popped up all over the place.
Some of the old trial and error that researchers found was very misguided such as drilling holes in skulls to let out the evil spirits was a little over the top😊 Or should I saw a little off the top. Talk about a haircut!!!
These same Witch Doctors and Shamans did, however, find, over thousands of years, many plants, herbs, salves, muds, and healing waters.
They even used honey, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, anise, cumin, turmeric, mustard, mint, garlic. The list goes on and on. All these things were time tested over thousands of years.
What happened that caused the move from all these fabulous all natural healers to the Toxic Soup of Big Pharma.
The main thing that happened is that the world got too big and too Damn fast!!!!
Let me use Aloe Vera to try to build a bridge across the wide divide of what went wrong.
In Alexander, the Greats time war was actually slow. No Freight Trains. No Jet Transport. They used horses and wagons.
They knew about Aloe Vera which is one of the greatest healers that God put on this planet.
When Alexander’s Armies went to war they had wagons full of dirt with live Aloe Vera planted in them. Their doctors could cut a leaf to coat a sword wound right on the spot.
That along with many of things listed above were used to heal the fighting men.

Let’s fast forward to WWII:
Jet Airplanes, Atomic Bombs, Oboy! Did you ever see the movie: “Dr.  StrangeLove; Or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Bomb”!!!
The Atomic Era brought in the worry over things like Radiation.
Our government hired doctors and researchers to find anything that could help with radiation burns among other things.
They found that Aloe Vera was the only thing that really worked.
Problem: When Aloe Vera is cut it releases an enzyme that destroys the healing properties in a fairly short period of time.
The Military realized that it couldn’t be stockpiled so they abandoned using Aloe Vera to use in the case of a Nuclear Attack.
They looked to drug manufacturers to find things that could be stored. They didn’t care about the toxicity of the alternatives as the worldwide fear that radiation was far more toxic than the cure.
Many super All-natural healing substances were sidelined because they were too slow or couldn’t be stored. They needed it NOW!!! Pharmaceutical Companies could spew toxic stuff out fast and furious.
Big Pharma dug in deep. They did it with Lawyers and Lobbyists. They did it by buying the Hospitals plus their Doctors and the Health Insurance Industry.
They did it with free vacations and buying fancy hospital equipment and out and out packets of cash delivered under the table. You see this in the plot lines of many Hollywood Movies. Many of those movies are drawn from real life. Sad but true!
They also did it through misdirection and hiring advertising  Juggernauts.

How did this happen?
Don’t worry I will get to what you will need to live pain-free and in optimum health.
Until you are convinced about how deep the collision between Big Pharma and the Health Insurance Industries goes you will not open your mind to what is now available to you. These age-old healing substances are now called Alternative Medicine.
It is interesting when you think about it. Preventative Medicine and all natural healing had been around for tens of thousands of years.
Big Pharma has been around for only around one hundred and is no mainstream.
How did they pull off this Trillion Dollar Coup D’Etat?
I’ll stay with Aloe Vera to show how it happened.
After the war, several of the chemists, doctors, and researchers got back together at Carrington Laboratories in Texas.
They knew how important Aloe Vera was and they were determined to find a way to extract and safely store the mannans which are the healing properties.

Concentrated Acemannan in Aloe Vera
Traditionally, the problem with aloe vera products is that the key active ingredients, the mannan sugars, are not particularly concentrated in the aloe plant, and are not particularly stable. In addition, they are easily destroyed both in the harvesting process and in the concentration process. It is only in the last few years that these limitations have been overcome and supplements with meaningful amounts of mannan sugars have been produced. And now, a brand new proprietary process has been discovered that allows for the dehydration and concentration of aloe at low temperatures (never exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit). This is significant since it preserves the integrity of the mannan sugars – not to mention the enzyme activity of the aloe constituents. This process produces a product that contains all of the complex carbohydrates contained in whole aloe leaf at powerfully high levels of concentration – as high as 200:1.
Due to the processes above fantastic products were brought to market with tremendous healing properties.
My Mom brought one such company to my attention many years ago. She uses their products religiously.
These products are so great that people like my mom are living longer and better. She is 94 and still walks miles up and down hills every week.
These products are not drugs. In essence, many are considered Super Foods. They do not need Millions of Dollars to get them through the FDA Process. They Work!!!
And they have been working for thousands of years.
With new processes, as in the above paragraph, many are actually vastly improved.
This totally freaked out Big Pharma and the fangs came out like there was a Full Moon!!!
Their Lawyers and Lobbyists struck with huge newspaper headlines.

“Such and Such Company is Ripping off Consumers with Sugar Pills”!

They had everyone thinking these companies were turning S&H Pure Cane Sugar into
Placebo Pills. Some of you probably remember all of this.
This is an out and out lie but with misdirection, they could get away with it.
Mannan Sugars are not something you find at the Sugar isle at your local Grocery Store.
Mannan Sugars are super saccharides (complex sugars). We must have them to stay healthy.
You can trust me or If you need more convincing read this:

Big Pharma spends millions tricking us into buying their toxic drugs that mask pain and shove the symptoms of real problems back into our bodies where they fester and build into life and death situations.
Here is a fair analogy. With the right Big Pharma pain drug, you would not realize that your hand was on fire until it was too late!!!

Next: Part 3 What We can do to bring our Physical and Mental Health Back To Earth.




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